Why eBay is KILLING Bitcoin Mining!

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THE MARKET هو محفوفة بالمخاطر, ويجب أن تستثمر فقط ما كنت على استعداد تماما لتفقد.

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  1. It’s against eBay rules to sell pre-orders that are more then 30 days out. They will limit the accounts that are selling them, but new accounts popup selling a new one. It is annoying, but it’s basic economics.

  2. I made it only 2:00 in and couldn’t get past theprice gouging” “ripping people off” “I’m against free market economics!!!”. All of the above are supply and demand laws that will continue until the end of time and those who are behind the curve (like you) will always oppose

  3. You clearly don’t know what’s involved in building a profitable GPU miner; it’s not just a case of plugging in GPUs.

    It’s fairly obvious that a landed miner is worth more than a preorder; the guy who is buying from Bitmain is taking the risk for a couple of months. I ordered one with the intention of mining and then my situation changed so a sold it on before it landed; it’s worth what it’s worth at time of sale.

  4. Jah What is new, too eager and you pay too much. The price goes down if there is no demand. But then you can sit empty-handed. That’s how traders have been doing it for centuries. Maybe less crack. Try some skunk.

  5. ppl shouldnt buy pre-orders off ebay in general
    that listing u show thats supposed to ship oct25th
    those shipments are now delayed another month
    so they wont be getting them till nov25-30th

  6. As an ecommerce pro I can tell you that drop shippers are definitely messing it up for everybody else. ومع ذلك, I think Ebay has cracked down since 9/27 because I am finding S9s for $250 less than what’s listed on Bitmain.

  7. Ebay only allows a 30 day pre-sale, where they are really dropping the ball
    هو 95% of the ebay sellers are selling 2-3 months out on product delivery.
    I’m ok with anyone making money if someone is willing to pay.
    The X11 Coins are growing and more than dash, see MUE or CANNboth up and comers.
    I do appreciate your comments and insight

  8. GottaMinute .. I got scammed on a voucher but reported and got my money back but I wanted my S9 antminer for 1800 and of course the buyers are selling them for over $4,000 so they’re canceling all the orders and I waited for months also the S7 antminer is a lot of people are selling burnt up old boards as is no returns always check to make sure they have seller feedback not just buyer feedback what a lot of people are doing or getting good feedback as buyers but they have no seller feedback there is tons of scams of Bitcoin antminer be carefulthe only good person I found is Amity labs they gave me great deals on all my power supplies but as far as finding antminer is extremely difficult to be careful of the scams

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