Why Decentralized Video Streaming is SMART ft Theta Token

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في هذا الفيديو, Kunal discusses why decentralized video streaming is the way to go moving forward for video content delivery networks, and how Theta Token has positioned themselves to provide the solution for this.
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Why Decentralized Video Streaming is SMART ft Theta Token

31 تعليقات

  1. the market cap for that token is worth all of the worlds video streaming, could be worth like a 1 trillion market cap in 10 years if the infrastructure is used for everything.

  2. Any idea on how the testnet is doing on Slivertv? I ran my PC on Slivertv with a account I created a few weeks ago and it seemed to be working good. I’m going to give it another go tonight.

  3. Yeah I could see that happening at Times Square where a decentralized platform gets to vote up what kind of video gets up on there all the horrible means that would be on that screen😆😆😆

  4. How about a Byteball video? Its like the Ethereum of DAG except with simpler smart contracts and private payments etc. It also has a friendly end user interface so can be used by both the man on the street and developers. Ethereum is only for developers.

  5. I like the idea and I’m already invested in theta. My thing is what stops a big company like Google or Amazon upgrading to and leasing out their equipment and architecture???? Doesn’t matter that they won’t be decentralised. People don’t care about playing games or movies on a decentralised platform

  6. Skimmed through their whitepaper and they seem to be stating that their blockchain will be able to handle 1000 +TPS… that is nowhere near enough for global video streaming domination! I mean there are single channels on youtube that get more views than that!
    my channel even had peaks that exceeded 1000 views a second!
    honestly I think they are going to end up with teh same dificulties as dtube

  7. the video itself is not on the blockchain, just the token economics. If you want to see it already working look at Sliver.TV or MBN South Korean TV channel, you can see how the Mesh content delivery (peer to peer with CDN fallback) is already working on those test nets.

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