Why Bitcoin Will RISE AGAIN In 2018

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انا في NO WAY سوق PROFESSIONAL; يستعمل حكمكم الخاص عندما يشتري الأسهم وغير ذلك. أنا لن تكون مسؤولة عن الأرباح أو الخسائر التي قد تواجهك.

THE MARKET هو محفوفة بالمخاطر, ويجب أن تستثمر فقط ما كنت على استعداد تماما لتفقد.

28 تعليقات

  1. NoooNO government regulation!!! I’ll take my losses and LIKE it, to avoid any involvement with government. Government F’s up everything they touch.

  2. حسنا, I have a significant hatred of government. So much so, that I’m meeting with a Realtor on Tuesday to sell my house and move to a third world country.

  3. I’m starting to worry that one day it will rise again but during those rises sec will come in more. An while that happens a lot of criminals/ scams will be revealed an it will be hard for a bit to rise.

  4. هههه “rules against selling” ……… let them sell, if people are dumb enough to sell back for worthless paper fiat let them.

  5. But that is exactly the idea , hurt everyone so much that they all scream for more regulation and voila , its another market totally manipulated and controlled .

  6. All the News on Bitcoin can not be the Reason of all the Volatility. The real Reason is that most of the Time the Price is high over the real Market Price. Thr real Market is actual at $6000-$7000. The market correct this from Time to Time.

  7. Kevin Bailey its alrdy a rape market. Way worst then wallstreet. It needs some regulation on bots and exchanges insider trading and robbing people

  8. It needs regulation. People are getting raped by bots and exchangesand no one will be held accountable so it wont stop. Also the market wont bring in intellegent investors without it. Regulation brings in BIG money. Goos for all of us.

  9. I believe the crypto industry is going to experience another round of boom from this current situation, as more and more people are joining the cryptoecosystem, coupled with the fact that government of some countries that were hostile to cryptocurrencies are beginning to see the benefits.

    The way is also becoming easier and simpler due to better options coming up, one such option is Coinxes, which is a decentralized cryptocurrency Peer-2-Peer site, with secure transactions as all payment are verified before being released from escrow. They do not store cryptocurrency. كنتيجة لــ, there is no fear of hacking. https://coinxes.com/

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