Which Cryptocurrency will be BEST to MINE in 2018? (Follow-up in Desc.)

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Which Cryptocurrency will be BEST to MINE in 2018? (Follow-up in Desc.)

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  1. Put that 1080ti on zcash and your looking at 1027.13 per year after electric assuming 620 sols and 175 watts. ,fairly conservative numbers. Swap it for Etherium if you choose.

  2. Just bought a s7
    Justified it by looking at 2 year old YT mining videos and all those guys thought it wasnt worth it…. that was at a $600 BTC lol
    I like mining everything
    I am treating asic miners like pokemon, gotta have them all!
    Love the videos bro!
    We r brothers from another mother (who were seperated at birth)

  3. when you say about bitcoin and ether centralization I’m sure you havent seen GPU farms , both cryptos has same problem about price , difficulty and hardware price , they dont differ so much I believe

  4. Two failings really stand out here to me. أولا, an RX580 is much better than a 1080ti in terms of cost/hashing power.
    ثانيا, why are you not worried about proof of stake? You should explain why, since its point to make current mining go away.

  5. In actual fact the 1070 is better than a RX580 once you power optimise both cards but both are good options. His advise is overly simplistic considering a 1080ti is 2.5X the cost of a RX580.

  6. A lazy effort video, even though I own 1080 Ti, ال 1070 is still the more efficient miner (buy cost, power to hash rate) which I also own and is the better option. That said GPU costs are ALL over the place atm depending which country you live in.

  7. نعم فعلا, I used to mine with two 1070s. They are much better. I picked the 1080ti because it is similar in price to the antminer s7.

  8. It’s bad. The prices of Cryptocurrencies across the board are currently down. It should be understood that mining is generally a bad idea if the ROI is above 100 أيام.

  9. Sure, but from what I can see it’s about $100-$200 more than a 580, give or take, but only gives you 1Mh/s more according to the chart in this video. My point was that it was odd to use a 1080Ti to determine mining profitability, given that it’s a very inefficient way to spend your money for a mining card.
    I’m not trying to sound like an entitled whiner, but when a video purports to give you advice about mining in 2018, I would at least expect some up to date and relevant info that doesn’t ignore what are big factorsnamely mining efficiency per dollar, and proof of stake. Thanks for the effort though.

  10. Why exactly is it bad if over 100 أيام? 200 days sounds darn good to me. 400 days is really really good compared to normal businesses. Oops, I just implied that mining crypto isn’t normal. Is that the issue?

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