Which Bitcoin Miner is Best for YouMost Profitable?

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انا في NO WAY سوق PROFESSIONAL; يستعمل حكمكم الخاص عندما يشتري الأسهم وغير ذلك. أنا لن تكون مسؤولة عن الأرباح أو الخسائر التي قد تواجهك.

THE MARKET هو محفوفة بالمخاطر, ويجب أن تستثمر فقط ما كنت على استعداد تماما لتفقد.

Which Bitcoin Miner is Best for YouMost Profitable?

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  1. WARNING FOR EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO BUY THESE: When he mentions that you will be making a certain amount per year, he is saying that assuming that the difficulty(look up this term) will stay the same. ومع ذلك, the difficulty has more than tripled in the 2016-2017 عام. If the difficulty continues to go up year after year, then you may not even be profitible and might lose money

  2. I’m new to mining, but after doing some research
    With the s9 I would get about 10k ( mining dashcoin)

    $0.10 kw/s (assuming)

    How can you tell that’s your rate ?
    On my bill I see

    151kw/s x 0.051919 (does that mean it’s .05 سنتا?)

    You got any tips for a noobie like me

    Also what wallet do you use ?
    I’m looking for a wallet that can give money instead of coins ( of course I will save some)

  3. I would start with something inexpensive and easy to manage; learn how to mine, then invest in something more substantial.

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