What’s Happening in Crypto With Crypto Zombie

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Living on Bitcoin, state of the crypto markets, what happened to ICOs, and the exchange game with
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What's Happening in Crypto With Crypto Zombie

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  1. Hey Lark, for your comparison of trading markets in Asian markets vs. European markets, where are you getting the volume from? It’s been widely reported that a large chunk of the Asian market volume (Huobi, OKex, LBank, Bithumb, إلخ) is either wash-trading or straight up faked. I’m not lecturing you, that’s just the reason why I ask.

  2. I’m dying in this bear market 😭😭😭😭 but when the bulls run again 😀😀😀😀 New ATH 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 as long as you can stay SANE !!!! Im holding till I can quit my job !!! GOALS 😀 Thanks Lark you are gonna get me through this keep reminding us of patience new highs and your knowledge. I have more than just BTC 💰 💰 I’m ready !!!!!!

  3. بلى, derivatives are terrible for crypto just like they’ve been for physical silver and gold for quite some time. The reason they get approved while ETFs don’t (in the US) is because ETFs can receive pension and other institutional investments in massive volumes. The CFTC doesn’t believe there is enough liquidity in the BTC market unless you really can 100x or even 1000x.

    Think about it. If you’ve ever bought into a mutual fund, say. You could decide any day you wanted to sell and the fund had to execute that trade at the end of that trading day. That takes a lot of liquidity.

    Once again we discover that the involvement of the institutions in this space is most definitely a double edged sword. Who will lose their heads? We shall see.

  4. مزاح – this is way too much of a coincidence. I literally only posted on Zombies channel 2 أيام مضت …”When are you and Lark going to do a Live chatC’mon guyswho read the comment? 😀

  5. I think K-Dub is right about newbies joining the space. They have no idea what we’ve been through over the last 12 الشهور. لسوء الحظ, a huge percentage of these newbies will make the same mistakes we made and not take profits when Bitcoin hits all-time highs once more. They will believe it’ll just moon and there is no way it can fall 80% again.

  6. I’m doing a lot of exchanges with duniter.org., it’s an interesting project already in use!…Mc affee president??..Time to freak out ! هههه !..very right oneducation”, sharing infos, and for division, they can try to divide a whole,..it will never work for long..we are one(love) ! !!!!! Thanks to you both for this review ! 🙂

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