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الأفراد التي تظهر في THUMBNAILS, TITLES, OR DESCRIPTIONS قد تكون أو لا تكون مرتبطة مع موضوعات المناقشة. وأي تشابه ريال PEOPLE هو محض صدفة.

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انا في NO WAY سوق PROFESSIONAL; يستعمل حكمكم الخاص عندما يشتري الأسهم وغير ذلك. أنا لن تكون مسؤولة عن الأرباح أو الخسائر التي قد تواجهك.

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I IN NO WAY ترويج للICOS. ICOS مرتفعة المخاطر, استثمارات المضاربة التي يمكن الترويج لها من قبل العناصر السيئة. لهذا السبب, فمن الأهمية بمكان أن SEEK ADVISE من المهنية المالية المرخصة قبل الاستثمار في الأعلام والتشفير في العام. عدم القيام بذلك يمكن أن تضع لك AT المخاطر المالية.

أنا لست محترفة المالية المرخصة, أنا شخصية عامة أعبر عن آرائه من خلال منصة YOUTUBE. NOTHING منصوص عليه في الفيديو هي نصيحة, وينبغي ألا يؤخذ على المشورة. INVEST IN ANY الأصول على مسؤوليتك الخاصة, وAS ALWAYS, فقط INVEST ما كنت على استعداد تماما لتفقد.

ماذا سيكون بيتكوين DO 21 يوليو? هذا سر BTC NEWS سيجعل رأس SPIN ديك! ANON يقول BUY 1 BTC!

23 تعليقات

  1. I use to really love your videos but bro you dance around the topic so much to the point where people zone out or leave the video you have a great voice nice and clear great info,but you lose us I hope you decide to change that just my humble opinion

  2. أنا موافق. And it’s one of the only crypto channel that resorts to click bait instead of just giving legit news. أنا موافق, voice is great. Content just isn’t here.

  3. I also agree, he doesn’t really say anything in his titles, just reading news articles, we can all do that. I’ve been watching since his mining rig days. A broken clock is right twice a day so to keep saying BTC will moon, will come true one day, but have some real content in your videos in the meantime. He also never comments back on these comments.

  4. watched the entire video waiting for something about July 21st. clickbait title! why not talk about Bakht’s physical BTC futures test starting on July 22nd? .

  5. You my friend have a special sense of humor .. how is JOHN McA doing?.. and yesBTC just slipped a little lowerSee.. No need for any prediction. Up or down .. Finally you Join the trend.. Much betterI am holding until ZERO by the way. .. lots of money on my part . Or better value.. I hope money dies soon for IT IS THE ONLY TRUE DEVIL IN THIS WORLD !!!

  6. And NO .. I am not a shorterBecause I despise short sellersSince they have a very sick mind .. short selling should be illegalThen BITCOIN could thrive..

  7. Peter Schiff is putting out videos now and even though he’s very smart he’s really down talking Bitcoin. Some of these educated or powerful people could be hurting this. Any thoughts?

  8. The best strategy for profiting from bitcoin both short and/or long term is to plan for both bearish and bullish scenarios and i learnt this months ago thanks to a few youtubers like you but most especially to Barry Goddadrd. If you can find a way to make significant profit either way it goes and then accumulate by reinvesting, you areThe Manand this is exactly what Barry taught me to do. First he helped me debunk the popular notion that trading is risky by doing the brunt of the work and simplifying it as trade patterns and signals so all i had to do was implement his signals in my trades and with this system, i was able to grow a meagre portfolio of about 6k usd to over $70,000 most of which i injected back into my portfolio as holdings. This is a strategy i advise all to look into and probably reach Mr Barry by Mail *(barrygoddard9@gmailcom)* for any further inquiries regarding his system.

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