What To Do When Cryptocurrency Market Is Down

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Even when the cryptocurrency market is down there are still some things that you can do. Take the tips that you like the most and apply them to your strategy and see if they work for you. Some are passive, and some are proactive.

What To Do When Cryptocurrency Market Is Down

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  1. people are going to wake up next week dazed and confused like they’re coming down from a bender, not remembering and mostly regretting what they did or said when they were under the influence of fear, شك, and doubt

  2. Altcoin Buzz right? But tomorrow when I get off, I’m getting out of all these high supply coins such as tron, verge, ada xlm etcthen re invest it all back to low supply coins like ast, vibe enigma etc, those are more prone to better profit. Done with high supply coins

  3. FUD = Fear, شك, doubt. FOMO = Fear of missing out. So essentially its best to buy when there is fake news going about (so prices are low) then sell when everyone wants in on the coin (so prices are high and lots of people to buy coins off you)

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