Trinity Network / TNCScaling Solution for NEO

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The team at Trinity are building an off-chain scaling solution for the NEO blockchain. It is a robust solution offering privacy, speed, the ability for microtransactions and more!

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Trinity Network / TNCScaling Solution for NEO

32 تعليقات

  1. I am sorry but thats a poorly made video.
    first of all the team listen on the page is nowhere near the actual size, david said he has hundreds of people working for him(look at twitter pictures theres a photo with much bigger team).
    ثانيا, David said he wants to keep business plan away from public ( hence why theressecretsin the roadmap and empty github)

  2. I think Github isnt very representatory for the progress of projects. Trinity already has a working App and other stuff done: They just dont have the code on Git.

    PS: im not a TNC holder 🙂

  3. Hi CryptoLarkgood review and good question about the timing of TNC. We all know that it is needed but when?? I believe that in terms of token economics it is a long term one. I believe it will take at least 1.5 year to 2 years to get the benefit of this investment. Buying regularly the deep in no hurry could be a good tactic for TNC

  4. not intersting,you explained it better than anyone else has so far, and i am still not sold on it. raiden has 1/10 the shares trinity has,and is only worth 1.52 right now, they have been around longer, and haven’t seen a huge price hike.i am not buying trinity,on top of everything i just said ,i’m not really attracted tothe ones” (neo from the matrix) mediocre looking woman either.

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