Trading Bitcoin as Price SkyrocketsWhat You Need to Know

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Craig Cobb and I discuss trading Bitcoin in this volatile market, the implications of the rise of the futures markets, and growing Bitcoin dominance. TRADER COBB 10% OFF CODE THELARK10 – HTTPS://المرجع = 169

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Trading Bitcoin as Price SkyrocketsWhat You Need to Know

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  1. Everyone is an expert reading the past. Trying to add all the word of mouth and the stocks dropping and the tether and the Bakt and the futures and the bots and the shorts and the RSI and take all the youtubers scratching their heads the fomo the otc market…..

    Yes the best thing to do is wait on the sidelines.


  2. Great chat guys. You can’t hit every entry. There certainly will be many, many more opportunities. TBH I have zero emotional reaction to these recent gains. It’s still nothing, a drop in the bucket. This is BitcoinI’m just glad a few of my loved ones have their one Bitcoin and are happy to hold long term.

  3. I Just dollar cost average when it’s parabolic only cost average in 25 إلى 50 percent of my weekly /monthly limit save the other to add with a pullback

    Don’t sell high then get back in high then let it go against accumulating is the game with a limited asset class.

    Trade forex options or futures for more of a speculative trade my opinion.

    I like to look at weekly time frame for bullish engulfing candle on a pull back to scale in

  4. Keep adding shares of GBTC since December, have over 6k shares by dca….no wallet, no hacker worries, just keep buying and holding….and not tempted to sell, until it hits BIG $$$ !

  5. +Storm Trooper I hear ya, I’m not waiting 20 yrs though, هههه…3-10 years for me, يبيع 80% and hold the rest till ??? Or if Mcafee is right and it hits 1 mil end of next year I’m out, ha yeah right, lol Good luck though my friend !

  6. Lark, for all disclosure, what percentage are you making per referral to Criag Cobbs trading course? Have you actually attended his course?

  7. I listened to Lark late last year / early this year when he mentioned numerous times there may not be another opportunity in our lifetime to buy at 3-4K levelsI’ve done my buying within the 3-4K levels and just here sitting back & enjoying the ride !!!

  8. Hahahaha, so true! ..I was in before, got the firstpump”,..missed the second huge..but beingintherefor a year+(with a positive portfolio), I’ve seen so much ups and downs, that I don’t care anymore to miss one..or two… 😉 !Looking to increase my btc stack..!Btw, where do you trade alts with leverage?(I mean “صغير”ones)” Thanks for this interview!!I follow TraderCobb advises also, great! 🙂

  9. can you please tell me where I can short for example NEO, ONTOLOGY, ذرة,OMISEGO etc. plz, I dont know any exchange that allow shorting coins from aprox.number 15 إلى 50?

  10. Another awesome video by the Lark. Very coincidental you should host Craig when I’m saving up to do his course. Can’t wait.

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