Top Exchanges For Trading Altcoins and Cryptocurrency

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We often get asked by the #AltCoinArmy which exchanges we like to use. This is not a full list, but more like a short list for those to be signed up on. Note that from time to time these exchanges have been known to stop accepting new customers, so you may have to show patience and check back later if that proves to be the case.

Coinbase: HTTPS://

Binance: HTTPS://

Kucoin: HTTPS://

Bittrex: HTTPS://

Top Exchanges For Trading Altcoins and Cryptocurrency

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  1. My favorite exchange is Kucoin. I own some Kucoin shares and earn free coins every day, which I really like. I also used Kucoin to buy DeepOnion when it was $2 and already made 7x, I havent sold any so far and I expect it to keep going higher. It has a very big community and the development team is very transparent. They give updates almost everyday and are releasing lots of features in 2018. I am also a fan of RedPulse, already an established company in Shanghai.

  2. Hey, Blockchain Steven, I wanted to tell you and the AltcoinArmy something. You can connect your bank account to Coinbase, do an ACH transfer to GDAX, and use a buy limit to avoid any and ALL fees.

  3. I must say that I like Cryptopia [craptopia lol] a lot but it is growing too fast for the exchange to handle.

    quote from letter from the founders

    “By the 1st of December we hit 500,000 المستخدمين. On the 31st of December we hit 1,000,000 المستخدمين. By the 3rd of January we hit 1,100,000 المستخدمين. By the 4th of January even with registrations disabled for 3 ساعات, we hit 1,200,000 المستخدمين. With registrations paused again we’re now sitting at 1,400,000 users.”

    I found some gems there and a couple of time has make 10x to 20x

  4. Steve, what about COSS coin, their exchange is up and running really well, made some great additions to the site including the trading view charts, singapore based, its a chance to get in on the ground level of the exchange before its price hits the roof.

  5. big news could bring litecoin back aroundat the end of the day, it still has the ability to convert back into fiat on coinbase. so i don’t see it going away completely. right now, as it’s more or less ignored, is usually a good time to accumulate. that being said, i’m just going to hold onto my current coin positions

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