Top Coin News IOTA, بيتكوين, NOT, NEO, OMISEGO, and TENX

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Top Coin News IOTA, بيتكوين, NOT, NEO, OMISEGO, and TENX

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  1. I sent a $30 and paid about $4 in fees, This guy sent $4000 and paid $8 in fees which is totally reasonable. It’s good to see transaction cost is coming down.

    هههه, wtf!

  2. According to the github code IOTA has like 2 developers working. That is pretty sad. I am a fan of the idea and still think it will shoot up when they get to more exchanges but that is embarrassing if true.

  3. Hi Crypto Lark
    Tk U for all of your videos giving me something to ck out. I am brand new and just began searching about cryptocurrencies. Your enthusiasm is contagious yet I am one working with not scared but sensitive funds lol.
    Anyway to the point at least while watching the current vid U posted from 8/24 specifically NEO whaere U said could be a good get @ 40 it’s now @ 20 sumthing.
    What are your thoughts? Where R U making Ur $$ any direction is grreatly appreciated! again to reitterate I am just now (hope I’m not late to the game) checking this stuff out!
    Tks in advance for any input!

  4. Hey! I am long on NEO, so I only see price drops as opportunities to buy more. So for me buying at 20 أو 40 is not massively different because I see NEO hitting $200 within a year or two.

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