Token Tank Presents: ElastosDecentralized Cryptocurrency Internet of the Future

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Episode 4: On this episode of Token Tank, we invite Rong Chen, project founder, planner, and chairman of the Elastos Foundation to discuss the need for a decentralized internet and how Elastos plans to execute their delivery via merge mining, hardware devices, and alternatives to traditional TCP/IP architecture.

What are your thoughts on Elastos? Please leave your comments below!

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Our panelists for this episode of Token Tank include:

Brad | Blockchain Brad

Alex | Crypto Candor

K-Dub | Crypto Zombie


TOKEN TANK is a show that invites top tier blockchain and crypto startups to pitch their project to an assortment of blockchain/crypto panelists ranging from backgrounds in media, VC, engineering, و اكثر. The focus of the show is to provide high quality, objective reporting, exposure, and information about the featured project to encourage viewers of the show to conduct their own due diligence and form their own conclusions about the invited project.

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Token Tank Presents: ElastosDecentralized Cryptocurrency Internet of the Future

28 تعليقات

  1. I was dreaming of something like that Lark !
    Great work to all of you 👏👏👏
    It was urgent to start to clean all this
    Time to talk about business and to invest into true future.
    Mr Rong Chen is building something I have been dreaming of for so many years
    I am very excited to see what s next.
    What about the boxes they created
    What about the community group , as an ELA holder, I would to contact nue to hear their latest news.
    A very big thank you to all of you and a big thanx again to mr Chen .

  2. Thanks to all of the panelists and Rong. I like the format, particularly because the questions come from four different viewpoints, which tends to lead to more info. Looking forward to the next Token Tank.

  3. Lark Man check out the recent Elastos Foundation Live Stream, some very serious news regarding dApps (25), the news will be officially released on the 25th August on the 1st anniversary, real-life working dApps.

  4. I was worried for a moment when zombie and candor saidas westerners, they don’t really need a smart weband digital assets! Strange thing to say coming from content creators. But security of digital assets whilst massive, is just the tip of the iceberg. If they’ve ever used Facebook or heard of the associated data leakage and vote manipulation scandals, internet scams or attacks then they’d know we have serious problems with the way the internet has become so centralised. Thank goodness for you Lark, who appeared to just get it. Whilst I love the idea of this show, I was truly disappointed with its narrative this time round. It was more focused on the hype aspects, its no surprise the value propositions of elastos were completely missed. “When neo partnership? when ethereum VM? When can we buy smart tv box? Do we get rewarded?” 😔😒 FYI the smart tv box is not an elastos product rather a product of a partner that saw the opportunity to leverage the elastos platform thus reducing overall costs whilst at the same time providing new services for their end users. Now that is one example of the value proposition elastos brings to the table. Think about the internet and the explosion of innovations that occurred on it over the last 15yrs, think about how the internet becoming more centralised has slowly snuffed out this innovation with the internet giants killing any attempts at competition, now do you see why elastos is so relevant? There are essentially new decentralised profit models and endless possibilties even Rong Chen hasn’t even thought of yet. The great thing is that Rong invites everyone to take part in growing this ecosystem. I truly hope future interactions focus on these things so that people actually understand at a higher level what projects aim to achieve before diving into the hype!

  5. Sounds like one of the most important crypto projects out there. Impressive list of Investors and Partners. Would like to hear a bit more about competitive advantage, and utility for their token.

  6. Class you 4, Rong is also an easy guy to awe over! This experiment could be a good one. Zombie, best live joke Ive ever heard. Had me in knots!

  7. Rong is a scholar and a saint, a true visionary and a very humble man, thank you all for this!

    The problem I’m seeing is that Elastos goes so deep and has so many layers that it is hard to communicate it to people in a way that they can comprehend how revolutionary it is and the magnitude of positive impact it can truly have. Rong is a beauty, he has real conviction and is in this for the right reasons but he lacks the marketing awareness that Elastos really needs to catch on. Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating some hype program, it is quite apparent the situation that (among other factors) has put us inI am sure they understand the importance of getting the word out and have faith that they implement a marketing plan which can concisely communicate to the average Joe (Elastos for dummies 😉 in a bit sized chunk, all the key aspects that make this project so monumental. Like all projects the value of Elastos will be in the network effect so marketing it in the proper way will be critical. Still early days!

    At the moment infrastructure is the most important aspect of the decentralized movement and to be honest I can not think of a more comprehensive infrastructure project out there that is worthy of throwing support behind.

    Long live the blockchain/side-chains/carrier etc! 😉 CHEERS!

  8. I dont have any”بعد” been waiting for it to go down ,so I can afford it, will grab maybe 10-20 Elastos this month,great project goal is to have at least 100 of them and hold for few years 😉 haha who am I kidding maybe i can get 5 this month more like 2-3 tho lmao,,,,,,GREAT JOB GUYS!

  9. this guy right here Wouldn’t it be more reasonable and logical to suggest that because they’ve experienced censorship (i.e. the great firewall), they have more reasons than anyone to build a decentralised internet? 🤔Think about it!

  10. The citizens, yes. BUTlike I said, this project is backed by the very communist government that is implementing the censorship. If you know anything about communism the government isn’t going to sit back and watch it’s citizens usurp the control of the state.

  11. What are you talking about? It is not ‘backedby the Chinese government. They are a global entity. If you understood how it was set up, you would know that a government cannot control it. You would also know that they are targeting US and Europe more than China, probably for the reason that China won’t like it once they realize what it is. Stop spreading baseless information. Governments can’t control Open-source code. The best they can do is ban the use in their own country. Elastos had a partnership with SAIC car manufacturer, but that is about it in relation to any government. Elastos has had far more contact with the US goverment. Mostly meetings with Ro Khanna the congressman of Silicon Valley. They have a SF location.

  12. G3 is a co-operation between NEO, Elastos and Bitmain who share a vision of a decentralized economy and smart web. Key features of the smart web include the virtual machine, runtime environments and trust zone, provided by Elastos and Bitmain, consensus provided by NEO and KYC provided by Ontology. G3 is meant to cooperate with Chinese government regulations ….

    If you know anything about communism you know they LOVE censorship. Thy’re not just going to all of a sudden have a change of heart.

  13. The Elastos Foundation is officially based in Singapore. Elastos (as well as other projects build by Chinese natives) want to comply with Chinese regulations for Chinese consumers. These regulations have nothing to do with the rest of the world.

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