Time to Buy MobileGo? Sleeping Cryptocurrency Giant?

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MobileGo is a dedicated token to bring eSports to everyone. Here’s our take on MobileGo (MGO) and what we think about its application and future growth. Let us know what you think of MobileGo in the comments below.

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Time to Buy MobileGo? Sleeping Cryptocurrency Giant?

34 تعليقات

  1. Look at ETG. Good project with that visa card, low market supply and low market cap (but just for now).They will soon release their site and the white paperyou can have a look on twitter to see photos of their new site. This is a sleeping giant because of that pact with Visa Cards. This make the connection between the actual financial system and the future one (you can use crypto at every Visa ATM so…)

  2. يا جيف. Look at OAX. The first decentralized exchange. Small market cap. Starting to move up. New to Binance. On a huge dip right now from record highs. Great entry point.

  3. lol this guy just creates pump and dumps. You realize once the FTC declares crypto currency a security, you will be prosecuted retroactively, with your videos as evidence.

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