Time To Buy IOTA Before 2018

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When IOTA goes below .50 cents I buy, I also like IOTA below $1.00. Needless to say here in 2017, I am picking up IOTA at these prices.

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  1. William Pietraszewski Is that active right now? I don’t think it has happened yet but not sure. I’m US but everything seems fine though I haven’t bought any more IOTA or sold any, I would expect it to tell me and boot me out or something

  2. People are being put off by this “هناك 2 billions of IOTAthing but for no reason at all since 1 IOTA should be understood as 1 ساتوشي. Nobody is trading IOTAs, it’s always MIOTAs we’re dealing with. 1 BTC consists of 100,000,000 ساتوشي, أي. 21 million BTC equals 2,100,000,000,000,000 satoshis. 1 MIOTA consists of 1,000,000 IOTAs, which means 2,779,530,283 MIOTAs consist of 2,779,530,283,277,761 IOTAs. As you can see the total supply is thus only approx. 1.32 multiple of the BTC total supply…. You’re actually buying 1 MILLION IOTA with your 40 cents these days….once people realize this fully, it’s going to explode….أنا أتمنى…:)

  3. There are a couple of interesting articles on Zerohedge that describe WHO have bought the stock market. It turn out that financial companies, pension funds and foreigners all have been selling and at least not bought that much generally speaking. The only big buyers have been the companies themselves, buying their own stocks.

    If you think about this when looking at the crypto space, you might realize that the most of the money flowing into the space will come from tech giants and others that are investing in the currencies/projects they are or are going to use. Unlike normal financial investors, they have a huge information and control advantage as the actions of their company directly affect the value of the currency/tokenjust like companies can buy up other companies and make profits similarly.

    I have no doubt that financial people will keep on pumping money into Bitcoin, but if even more money flows into Ethereum, ذرة, EOS, NEO or projects like Populus by the companies who are using them, that would become a spectacular ride. فقط 1% of the tech giantsprofits is at least $10 billion dollars. What if 10% of their profits will be put into cryptos?

  4. I disagree on few things
    IOTA is already above $4 and above ripple it might go up or down in ranking but
    IOTA is way bigger than any other coin in the market watch other videos or read their white paper.
    First Its free to send money
    There will bee no soft or hard forks like bitcoin.
    IOTA has no coin supply left its already sold out.
    Its circular supply is already equal to max supply.
    So don’t worry about high supply as its already sold out.
    There is no mining or miners so no mining expenses so again high supply had less effort on the other side bitcoin has to pay miners.

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