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I IN NO WAY ترويج للICOS. ICOS مرتفعة المخاطر, استثمارات المضاربة التي يمكن الترويج لها من قبل العناصر السيئة. لهذا السبب, فمن الأهمية بمكان أن SEEK ADVISE من المهنية المالية المرخصة قبل الاستثمار في الأعلام والتشفير في العام. عدم القيام بذلك يمكن أن تضع لك AT المخاطر المالية.

أنا لست محترفة المالية المرخصة, أنا شخصية عامة أعبر عن آرائه من خلال منصة YOUTUBE. NOTHING منصوص عليه في الفيديو هي نصيحة, وينبغي ألا يؤخذ على المشورة. INVEST IN ANY الأصول على مسؤوليتك الخاصة, وAS ALWAYS, فقط INVEST ما كنت على استعداد تماما لتفقد.

TIM DRAPER يكشف عن الرأي الناقد, يقول بيتكوين انفجار وشيك- BTC ل $21K-$52K By MAY!

17 تعليقات

  1. If Starbucks was really smart, what they would do is they would release an erc20 token that can be purchased on their app that allows the user to get additional discounts. Then they could also accept some of the major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and litecoin in addition to the Starbucks coin, and they could even allow the Starbucks coin to be listed on some exchanges where people could get rewarded in Starbucks coin and then if they wanted to trade that Starbucks point on exchange for other currencies. An erc20 Starbucks token would do wonders for customer engagement

  2. +busymountain this was understood the last recession and that’s why btc went to 20k.
    But the banks aren’t going to just roll over.
    Better to join them if you cant beat them

  3. Illuminati Sheep I get your sentiment and there is no doubt BTC is going to soar with name recognition and first mover advantage. It’s what happens when the dust settles that I am in interested in. Currently institutions are fairly uneducated on crypto but they know BTC is king so they buy it for good reason. But once people get familiar with crypto performance and agility and costs thats when real price discovery will come into play. There will be a time when pumping ends and the average guy can determine if he wants to drive a model T or a Lambo.

  4. Illuminati Sheep and keep watching this channel. This guy is not afraid to put himself out there and tell you what he sees. Most of these guys do what everyone else does and play it safe.

  5. Maybe after mass crypto adoption but right now about 1 % of the world has even heard of it. They have to learn about it and figure out how to buy it and use a wallet before they can shop with it.

  6. STOP
    The majority of us do not want BITCOIN to drop any further, It has been dropping down for more than
    a year, Enough is enough.. Let’s begin smiling to enjoy the long lasting up trend that is coming up soon

  7. Guess what no one wants to buy a cup of coffee with Bitcoin! The people that have BTC are looking for it to be worth 250k + the store of value part is what most people are looking at….

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