رقم واحد سبب لشراء بيتكوين الآن!

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رقم واحد سبب لشراء بيتكوين الآن!


المنشأة بواسطة سارة باور وريتشارد Abermann

55 تعليقات

  1. Two possibilities exist:
    1) Coronavirus kills us all, money and bitcoin becomes worthless.
    2) We survive, bitcoin thrives.
    I’ve placed my bets.

  2. Wife: come to bed
    Me: ok, just watching The Crypto Lark .I’ll be to bed after
    Wife: huh? Who is that?
    Me: are you kidding me?! Its the Lark! I’m sleeping on the couch since you are not in the know about the crypto lark.
    Wife: fine
    Me: ok, cool

    I got ya bro! Crypto Lark for life 🙂

  3. I like your style my man, you look like a cool dude to hang out and get drunk with (while talking crypto of course). Thanks for your work and your vibe!

  4. When your old intro kicked in I actually shouted “نعم فعلا!” as if I’d scored a goal in the World Cup (and I don’t even play football!😁).

  5. Baptiste Legrand je tombe sur ton poste par hasard la planète youtub est petite , on te revois quand sur le Chan vechain FR? Me dit pas que tu as dump tes vêt pour btc 🤪 AndreK

  6. Yea and theyre all elderly people. Corona virus isnt a big deal unless it invades a nursing homewhich unfortunately is what it did in washington. All of the people that died were very old with lots of health problems

  7. Smart lady, but the reality is you will make yourself wealthy, I hope I can just provide a bit of inspiration and share a bit of my knowledge

    STUPID PEOPLES say = Crash, Crash, Crash
    BIG INVESTOR says = Ha, Ha, Ha, you sell, I BUY
    All Indicators of Technical Analysis areLagging”, All Rubbish …! DON’T USE THAT..!
    The BTC Price is only determined byFundamental Costs”. The price of Bitcoin is NEVER under Mining Costs. Not much time left, BUY or be late ..! Today the cost of mining Bitcoin every 1 BTC is $ 8000, 120 EH / الصورة, after Halving $ 12500. Countdown to Halving, 68 أيام.
    BTC, ETH, الغرفة
    Corona Virus make Crypto even STRONGER, because Crypto is untouched by the body, compare it to banknotes and credit cards

  9. @tlesta666 Exactly. Exchange is just for buying and selling, not storing. Same way you don’t leave your groceries at the supermarketyou take them home for safe-keeping.

  10. Question: what about taxes for any crypto purchases? I get that taxes apply once someone cashes out, حق?? How do i know how to deal with taxes??

  11. a virus ,like any life form wants to survive. It will not be eradicated. A financial collapse due to an epidemic is bad news for all. We can’t hold our breath crypto would save humany,it would just deform it . Too bad the virus can’t kill greed and selfishness

  12. lydia yuna yes! That’s why I won’t deal with exchanges. Mostly because, Unless you want the irs to know about all your bitcoin, it’s a terrible idea.

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