Mining Bitcoin with SOLAR POWER in 2017!

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HTTPS://معرف = = لنا

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Mining Bitcoin with SOLAR POWER in 2017!


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  1. You should visual the numbers that make it so much easiert to watch the videoshow some stats, diagram and numbers and i mean SHOW them.
    Anyway nice vids keep up the good work!

  2. you calculated the DC wattage and the antminer runs off of a power supply that uses AC wattage.. NOWyou can run a 1500watt DC to AC inverter (that converts the solar panels DC voltage to AC) مع 100 watt solar panel for 9 of the average 11 hours of sunlight we have here in the US.. yes it only takes 100w of 14vDC@7.013amps to run 1500watts AC for 9 hours which is well above the 1363watts it takes to run the antminer s9…………..but there is a trick to it.. and its not an expensive trick.. i will soon be releasing kits just for this function.. be on the look outyou have been notified
    later alligators…. 🙂

  3. Smart guy but………
    Not really understanding what he is saying. He is reading from a paper or teleprompter. It seems .
    Solar power is subsidized by most state government and power companies in the usa. And then it does not have to be sized just for the unit he is describing, it could be bigger. And you could get your own parts and install solar yourself. Also if one has excess power the power company buys back your extra power.and the IRS will allow deduction for having solar installed. With out doing the math I guess the ant miner unit and power supply cost would could be satisfied to be zero cost or two units for the cost of one.
    Imagine this guy is aware of not knowing what he was trying to say and should have gotten a guest to do the solar part of this video.
    (Sometimes I wonder if people are conscious that all they do online vids is there forever. ….and anyone can see them.)

  4. +Lester strachan you make a good point, Lester; I’m no solar expert. There are many factors that are considered when solar is applied to any situation, though what I have presented here are just some raw numbers. Specifics obviously differ on a case to case basis.

  5. In Europe we can make someone else to pay for solar power I use (there are government programs that uses taxpayers money to pay for privately used solar power). I found that most of kits converts DC to AC what makes sense for private use. Miners require DC is there any easy way to skip conversion, and use solar power more directly?

  6. perfect idea. إذا (this is a big if) you use solar power and have paid off the initial cost of said solar panels, the extra money from the solar power generation minus the cost per watt and again minus the initial cost of the btc miner would eventually pay off. It may not take long for you since you have so many panels, plus whatever bitcoins are made from the mining. This way you could get money from both i believe. I’m still really new to this so obviously take what i’v said with a grain of salt but still.

  7. نعم فعلا, solar is the way to go. Solar gets rid of the power costs. If you live in a state with lots of sun, it’s massively profitable. RougePlank made a nice vid of a solar mining shed.

  8. Solar is around $4500 AUD after government rebates. With current energy cost of around 27c AUD. If you mine during the day mining become cheaper but only running 6 hours a day will take a while to get ROI. Makes the hobby somewhat cheaper.

  9. Hey I am building an off grid homestead and want to some bitcoin mining with my solar. How fast does my internet speed need to be? I only have my verizon 4g hotspot. I have unlimited date but is it fast enough? I have faith in crypto and whatever I can earn I think the payoff in the long run will be well worth it!
    Let me know what you come up with and thanks

  10. Cent i Pede your right i have my s3 running off a 100w Renogy solar panel. Bought it off Amazon. Comes with the controller and i bought the lines, battery. Its a great set up and i dont use my main power unless its needed.

  11. Cent i Pede please more info I have solar and running s9 off inverter but lucky to get 6 hours when using ac power supply?? Do I just run straight DC Power? If so how?

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