TIPS ICO & Investment Guide Plus Some New ICO’s To Watch Early 2018

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I made this video after several of you in the community asked for a video about ICO's. Here is a general guide on what steps to take to participate, using Myetherwallet and other wallets for Bitcoin like Jax. These ICO's in the video include Kodak, Titanium ICO, Cytpterium, Sether and BitAI. Also mentioned is Bit Degree which is new to the market.

TIPS ICO & Investment Guide Plus Some New ICO's To Watch Early 2018

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  1. Medibloc. It’s working with ICON. It’s korean. It’s just after the ico. It’s only 20 سنتا. Its not on any major exchanges yet. It’s going to boom soon. Not pumping it. Just sharing.

  2. Titanium is the most impressive ICO I’ve seen. The CEO has gone all in, complying with the US laws, all the proper paper work and certifications. It’s not just a super Blockchain, part of their business will be screening other ICO’s for legitimacy and weeding out the scammers. There are plans for their own exchange including fiats from different countries and the top 200 Coins. The connections the CEO has with big players outside the crypto space is very impressive. If Blockchain is the future and they build what they say they can build you will see major companies paying for Titaniums servicers. I highly suggest the interview on P2P Cryptoz you tube channel. The CEO was a major player for Verge marketing when it was a very little known currency. Impressive CEO and team.

  3. not saying appc is a scam coin. Just tired of people pumping hype with statements likeappc on a rise” -appc is not on a rise. it is on a downtrend. even if it is on a rise, I am not buying it. why should I invest in a company that can’t even program a decent website. How is such a company supposed to compete with google play and many others

  4. Russell Ramirez they’re addressing a real world problemthe ability for migrant workers to send money back to their families, particularly in the unbanked regions. Also announced a partnership with Ethos.

  5. SEC has a lot of regulations for american citizens that makes it unlawful to participate in certain ICOs that has not been cleared out by the SEC. Now countries such as USA, الصين, Singapore are being excluded to participate in ICOs but there are few exceptions to the rule. For instance there is an ICO for VICE which is US based and americans can participate on it.

  6. This will give all the result in 50 سنوات. One of the most popular trading Platforms Avrora NADH conducted their own ICO. Indicators of the project are quite simple and routine. Any future investments in the development of space, no loud statements about the great prospects of the coin. It operated for many years its trading business, which continued its activities launched its own token as technological development. Huge cost Aldona hardly expected. Those who wish to buy some coins, investing in an existing #business, which is investment with less risk than buying the top of the token, the value of which provided a beautiful legend. Initial course UTcoin 1 eth for 800 عملات معدنية. What more convenient on this platform, Deposit and withdrawal of funds is possible on the map. علاوة على ذلك, the withdrawal fee is only 5%.
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  8. I agree profitable ICO’s are always hard to find! Thanks for the tips and strategies. Always try to find real world cases uses like Fr8network or blockshipping

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