Crypto Alt Coins Will BoomIn Spite of Bitcoin Dominance – هنا هو لماذا!

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Bitcoin continues to dominate the crypto markets, but even as Bitcoin rages, there remains massive potential for alt coins, here is why!

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Crypto Alt Coins Will BoomIn Spite of Bitcoin Dominance – هنا هو لماذا!

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  1. Lark just let the plebs follow the news and just buy BTCSome alts will absolutely kill it but I don’t mind picking them up at 99 percent off

  2. Lark I love your unbiased content. Can you do a deep dive into how crytpocurrencies can be used as real world digital cash? By which I mean what can real people, especially the unbanked in the third world, realistically use that is open, censorship-resistent, borderless… إلخ? What can actually be used to buy the proverbial coffee? Transactions need to settle with finality (such that they can’t be double-spent) within a second or two in order to be treated as cash. The reality as I currently see it:

    بيتكوين (on chain), مخزن للقيمة – yes I love BTC. But as digital cash, too slow, too expensive.

    بيتكوين (برق), maybe useful for some use-cases but too much friction for everyday use by the masses.

    Litecoin, a ‘me-tooclone of BTC with very little innovation or development and most of the same drawbacks.

    بيتكوين النقدية, still too slow to finality. Zero conf/Avalanche attempts to mitigate this but is this secure enough?

    Monero/ZCash, too slow. Scalability problems?

    XRP fast but centralization issues?

    نانو, fast transactions (<20 ثواني) but maybe centralization issues? With zero tx fees who has incentive to maintain nodes and secure the network?

    اندفاع (Digital Cash), by leveraging recent innovations (BLS signatures, LLMQs, Chainlocks etc) Dash reaches finality (as secure as BTC) in under two seconds while tx fees remain a small fraction of a cent. Why isn't anyone talking about this?

    I would love to hear your balanced and knowledgeable views on the pros and cons of all these attempts to be peer to peer digital cash.

  3. Some people say that XRP is more decentralized than BTC, The only central part about it is the fact that Ripple holds most of the tokens in escrow but plans to completely release all of these XRP tokens into the market by 2024.

  4. Utility and Adoption is critical when investing in alt-coins. Everybody should have some Vechain in their portfolio. They actually have many partnerships with world renowned companies and have a working product already adopted. Blockchain and supply chain logistics is like Peanut butter with Jelly. The Satoshi price is a steal right now at all time lows.

    Bitcoin Revolutionizes money.

    Vechain Revolutionizes supply chain logistics.

  5. Tokenized bonds??? You chirp that like it’s a good thing. My shitcoin is tied to a negative-yield global ponzi enslavement movement. Sounds like fun.

  6. I hold my ETH because it’s busy environment under the radar. Huge sleeping giant, it is becoming the force behind the new internet: ETH2.0 Meanwhile, Bitcoin is starting to give me that awkward Ponzi feel

  7. @The Crypto Lark If you do actually do it can I suggest that, in addition to the diving into the fundamentals, you personally try out each option to see what works best from a user POV?

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