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في هذا الفيديو, Mattie talks about Bank of America's new cryptocurrency patent as well as our most recent community speaks article about Haven Protocol. هذا هو جزء اليومي!
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Haven Protocol Introduction – Community Speaks

Haven Protocol

Bank of America Wins Patent for Storing Clients’ Crypto Holdings in Enterprise Accounts

Bank of America Patent Details How Enterprises Could Store Crypto

Bank of America Wins Crypto Storage Patent

Patent Filing: Cryptocurrency aggregation system


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Bank of America's Cryptocurrency Patent! Haven ProtocolToday's Crypto News

27 تعليقات

  1. Mattie I had a question….i read in a post on another video that this channel has mentioned JACOB WESLEY and how he is a great trader helping people because i reached out and what he us saying sound to good to be true….has this channel spoken about this guy PLEASE REPLY this guy wants me to start with .30 BTC and just sounds shady

  2. As cryptos are not physical there is no need to involve a bank. To trust a bank with your cryptos saysI cant be trusted to manage my own finances so the people known for corruption and laundering drug money are much better suited for the job”. Lol I have yet to see what happens to your crypto in the case of bank insolvency either!

  3. Hey Greg L, that is most likely a spam/scam comment. Although we don’t know Jacob Wesley, the genuine person may be a reputable one, ومع ذلك, we highly recommend not to click on such links or contacting them as such comments are usually scams.

  4. +Altcoin Buzz that’s what I thought because I contacted him on Twitter and it sounded like BS especially when I said that I would start with $100 and he said oh no it has to be .30 بيتكوين
    thank you so much for the reply

  5. it really is blissful to be financially stable, i never thought i would make it this far. i have only Jacob Lowery to thank. i was referred to him only in December of last year, in my life has changed so much since then got my self a new car, i‘ll be graduating next week and I’ve already made my first half a million thanks to this rare gem called Jacob Lowery. I thank God for bringing him into my life.

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