What Is The % Probability That Bitcoin SURPASSES $20,000 By The End Of Year?

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What Is The % Probability That Bitcoin SURPASSES $20,000 By The End Of Year?

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  1. 💛💚🧡💙 I used to think we had no chance of breaking $20k this year but I now think it’s 50/50. I honestly feel like there is no reason to even stop at $20k. لماذا ا? “Previous highis not good enough for Bitcoin’s tiny $220 billion market cap”. Maybe stopping at $30k or $40k, بالتأكيد… but no reason to stop at $20k. Who in the world would even sell @ $20k knowing its broken so many all time highs? Maybe the fireworks will come this year and shock us all! 💛💚🧡💙

  2. its almost too late to move your altcoins into bitcoin, soon everyone will be fomoing into bitcoin and right then, a massive altcoin rally will occur with bitcoin left in the dust in terms of percentage gains, i think we have less than a month to go of this trend, the whales are trying to scare all of us, its time to buy top 20 altcoins for the next month or so

  3. Thanks for the video, but consider the PRIZM cryptocurrency. Prizm is a new generation cryptocurrency with great prospects. prizm.space

  4. I’d say its probably 50/50 for end of year 20 ك, but the odds of a new ATH are pretty solid at the halvening, وبعد ذلك, the sky’s the limit, so why not collect a fairly easy +100 % in a year’s time ?

  5. 0% chance we will see 100k BTC this year!! Next year, well that is a story for 2020. XRP is the King of $hit coins to screw their holders EOS will do the same thing.

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