The Litecoin Halving Lie – Here’s What They Are NOT Telling You | Ripple Responds to XRP Loophole

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Litecoin Halving WATCH THIS:

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Research finds Bitcoin and Litecoin halvings do not impact price

The myth of cryptocurrency halving events: a deeper analysis

Litecoin’s Halving Is Months Away, But Traders May Already Be Pricing It In


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The Litecoin Halving Lie – Here’s What They Are NOT Telling You | Ripple Responds to XRP Loophole

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  1. Yeah i saw this article. The chart doesn’t lie though. They also used 24 coins to compare! lol which other coins did they use besides LTC and BTC! complete joke of a article.

  2. Well the halving pumps the price because of the hype it creates. Mostly it’s not about the technical aspect of it. At least on the short term. Cryptos price is 95% emotions and psychology

  3. I think a lot of people are just simply disappointed with the pre halving performance. Dollar play here is hold for one year. BTC conversion play is sell on first pump. GLTA

  4. change comment feature but not with just higher fees for all!, في حين أن:
    1.notes cost fees,
    2, the longer the note = higher fees. media files, text only (reduced character set so no real binary code can be uploaded)

  5. Hi Altcoin Daily team, just wanted to hear your opinion on Pledgecamp which is aiming to be the next generation crowdfunding platform and bring transparency and accountability back to the crowdfunding space back. It recently got listed on BinanceDex and have been doing good so far by just being on Dex so far. Pledgecamp also announced partnerships with KakaoTalk so they leverage the userbase of KakaoTalk and gain adoption in Korea. I really see crowdfunding space to be big in coming time so wanted to have your opinion on Pledgecamp before i invest.

  6. Interesting video 👍 There is usually a lag between the halving events and its effect on price (apart from the pre halving hype)

    For example the Block reward halvings of 2012, 2015 و 2016 were followed by huge bull runs. The halvings have the same effect as if the production of gold, silver, oil or any other commodity was cut in half every four years. It can however take weeks or months for the effects to work their way down the supply chain.

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