My Ultimate Low For Bitcoin Is $7,000. Donald Trump Won’t Stop Helping Bitcoin.

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Did I Change My Mind On Tron [TRX]? يجب مشاهدتة!

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My Ultimate Low For Bitcoin Is $7,000. Donald Trump Won't Stop Helping Bitcoin.

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  1. It bothers me when I hear you guys say dumb things. Of course the president is going to push US currency. It’s good for the country.
    I’m sure he also has invested in Bitcoin, he didn’t get wealthy by missing investment opportunities.

  2. I subscribe to the idea that they not only pulled a coup against Hillary and the cabal but they also invented Bitcoin. US military is satoshi here to free us from the deep state illuminati

  3. Theres plenty of people who’ve done that and don’t talk about it. Its simple yo are careful with your money and have an emergency fund. You should be good if you wait 3 سنوات. Give yourself 3 سنوات, in three years bitcoin is absolutely guaranteed to be 30k. Sell then and never look back.

  4. I hope your joking. Never put all your eggs in one basket. I don’t even know how many decades the banks have been keeping gold and silver down. You never know they may crash this market or it may go to the moon. I do expect you to do well but don’t be surprised if we hit 8k before we pump up again. Be patient and once you make a good profit diversification Is a must

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