I Made A Mistake… بيتكوين اسقاط… Learn From Me!

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“Why I’m Divesting From Bitcoin AND Why It Has No Real Future” Post From 2015 Will Surprise You.

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Why I'm divesting from Bitcoin and why I think it has no real future

Why I’m divesting from Bitcoin and why I think it has no real future من عند بيتكوين


Avoid Bitpay until they integrate fully native SegWit. PERIOD. Make a stance!

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***NOT المالية, LEGAL, أو نصائح TAX! فقط الرأي! انا لست خبير! أنا لا تضمن نتيجة معينة I HAVE NO داخل المعرفة! YOU NEED TO DO بك البحثية الخاصة وجعل لكم قراراتنا! THIS IS JUST EDUCATION & ENTERTAINMENT! USE ALTCOIN DAILY AS A الانطلاق POINT!

هو ما تم العثور على هذه المعلومات علنا ​​على شبكة الانترنت. يمكن لقد تم التلاعب هذه المعلومات أو حرفت عن طريق الإنترنت. ويعني كل المعلومات لتوعية الجمهور وهو المجال العام. ليس المقصود هذه المعلومات لضرر القذف أو تشويه سمعة أي من الجهات المعنية ولكن لاظهار ما قيل من خلال حسابات وسائل الاعلام الاجتماعية. يرجى اتخاذ هذه المعلومات وإجراء البحوث الخاصة بك.

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I Made A Mistake… بيتكوين اسقاط… Learn From Me!

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  1. What’s good Aaron! Thanks for your candor and transparency, I think that’s what makes your guys’ channel so relatable and watchable. Keep up the good work 🙌🏼

  2. Respect yr honesty. I was in same situation and I felt that very same fomo at that very same time, but said NO! Funk you, FOMO. You get on your horse and get the hell outta here! I got plans and if the chart says buy, I will buy and if it doesn’t, I’ll take my tether and walk! It’s so hard, شقيق. You’ll be fine in the long term.

  3. do you remember January-February-March? Everybody panicsBitcoin go to 1k – 2ك …. and then in April ..Boom 14k …. the same thing noweveryone sayhope ..Bitcoin it`s going to 15k -16k -17k – 20ك .. can it be the opposite? and back to 8k – 8.5ك?

  4. don’t be disappointed and be patient, my friend. I lost faith in people when I became ill. I was 47 at that time, lost my “ friends” and now I have something to look forward to. And that will be my legacy for my children.

  5. In two years these prices will be a blip on the chart and only mistake will be you didn’t buy more. Only look at weekly and monthly charts on a long term investment.

  6. I did the same mistake. Not with all the Money I have but with 50% of what was reserved for buying btc. I didnt buy at 9000 but at 11800 because of fomo. Like a newbie…

  7. Ian RJM yes they rotate. Its hella confusing cause one brother apparently sold his litecoin bag and the other one still has it and at this point i forgot which brother is which lol

  8. Bitcoin World reserve currency”? Ha, ha, ha! I don’t think the scumbags in charge now will let that happen. They will have their own Fedcoin or something. Bitcoin will be like gold. It’s an alternative asset.

  9. @Dubois ‘The Moondid the correct thing by saying it could go either wayOpticalart’s clickbait predictions of capitulation have been way off the mark

  10. @xA18kND1x never borrow to create an investment. Cardinal rule. أيضا, if it pulls back that’s a time opportunity to grab some more. Whatever you can afford. أيضا, don’t slight litecoin yet..

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