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Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates, joins "Squawk Box" at the to REVEAL a big financial bitcoin mistake. But who's mistake is it?

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Ray Dalio: 'Cash is trash' في ال 2020 سوق

'Cash is trash' في ال 2020 سوق: Bridgewater Associates founder

Bank of England to consider adopting cryptocurrency


Major Central Banks Form CBDC Think Tank

British Telecoms Giant Latest Member to Bail on Libra Association

Now Reporting to the SEC, Grayscale Bitcoin Trust One Step Closer to Public Trading

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أخطأ TINY! 😲 [الركود القادمة بيتكوين خطأ]

39 تعليقات

  1. I believe Central Banks are in a process of seizing the actual meaning of the terms “عملة معماة” و “digital money”. And in fact they are creating a centralized fiat digital money. I wonder if we should start using a more accurate term likedecentralized cryptocurrecies” (DCC). They will deceit newbies into believing that Bitcoin is trash, and they have an “الرسمية” currency to replace the garbage they fed the people with during 200+ years The Dolar is already mostly digital.

  2. How long can this go on? As long as the dollar is the world’s reserve currency. According to the World Economic Forum, China becomes the number 1 economy in 2030, India becomes number 2 and the U.S. falls to number 3. بالمناسبة, Robert Kiyosaki said, “cash is trash” في 1997.

  3. Thanks for the video!! I also have a channel where I talk about these
    things. Only difference is that I´ve made a very detailed Bitcoin price
    analysis of the last decade and found some very impressing recurring
    similarities that nobody is talking about because they are hidden in the
    Bitcoin price structure. I call it the Four Wave Theory and my
    predictions played out so far. Would be amazing if you take a look (again).
    Thanks man.

  4. 🧡💛💚💙 I got 25 videos to watch in my Chrome tabs but I chose you first sir.

    I love Ray! Great insight to hear from our elders and try to navigate the Cryptoverse of the future 🧡💛💚💙

  5. Cryptocurrency still remains my most favourite digital investment mostly when it comes to Bitcoin which is the cheerleader and top rated in the market presently. No doubt the year started well for the bitcoin bulls which saw it reached $9,000 resistance twice but failed to breakthrough, although bitcoin is trading in a bearish form right now seeing the price slightly close to to $8,300 region against the US dollars, which is is an important buy zone. There is no denying that the price could make a move towards $10,000 near term because the bulls has been very impressive since the beginning of this year. As a trader, every market opportunity gives us a very good reason to also build a strong portfolio, its important to buy now and trade with a working strategy/daily signals which i have been doing with Mr Lovatt Norton daily signals since the last bear market. مرة أخرى, i have been able to grow my initial 0.9btc to 6.8btc in a space of 3 weeks. I would encourage every trader including newbies to embrace Norton’s daily signals so as to build a very strong portfolio before the upcoming bull run. Norton can be reach via *Whatspp: + 19092833663 and Telgram @ Lnorton09* for inquiries into profitable trading systems.

  6. @Above Its not about liking something or not. He is a hedge fund manager he manage a lot of money. If he there is some emotional attached to his decision in a trade/ investment then he won’t be where he is now. People in crypto (بيتكوين) are too emotional, too many moonboys. Stop dreaming and get back to a reality.

  7. I say a very big thank you for sharing your experience here on youtubeit shows you really want every trader out there to be successful and i am so much convinced with these comments about Norton’s daily signals, reaching out to him right away!

  8. @Anh Thang Hoang how much effort have you put into even looking at what bitcoin is? I’ve spent hundreds of hours, no joke, and I’m still learning. It’s not what you think it is. Ray clearly has not looked at what it is properly.

  9. @Arman Lets be honest here, most people give a f*** about what it is or what it does, people here are for gains. بلى, everyone says we are for tech and soBitcoin doesn’t have any real value now other then speculation

  10. @Anh Thang Hoang If you are ever curious enough to want to learn, come back to me, I can show you the best resources. Most people, no actually, EVERYONE, dismisses it at first. Your response is fairly typical. في صحتك

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