COULD TRUMP BAN BITCOIN? Congress blocks Facebook’s Libra? Iran national Crypto?

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COULD TRUMP BAN BITCOIN? Congress blocks Facebook's Libra? Iran national Crypto?

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  1. Roosvelt banned holding gold. A USnational crisisand the Fed can retrieve it. The church banned the digit “صفر” in the 15-16th Century. Is the US able to sanction all countries using Crypto…….too late for a Trump ban. Regulation implementation for Crypto ?…….lets see what mess unfolds

  2. Lolololololol😂😂😂 not likely!
    He’s pulling a Jamie Dimon.
    The mega corps have their fingers in the crypto jarif anythingAmerica is one big corporation if nothing else.
    No fear. لا شيء. Zip. They would lose out SO much. He’s not dumb. He’s a typical businessman playing the game.
    I bet Trump owns some.🤫😜👍

  3. I think the pullback to the .382 fib level was indeed the retracement we needed and BTC is just continuing to the upside as expected. Could we see a major pullback? يمكن, but I don’t see it happening just yet. Maybe at the next fib level of $16K; should we pull back 40% that would keep us above the $10K level. Who knowsit’s all speculation at this point. Enjoy the ride!…….. My only advice for investors and new bees is to take advantage of Mr Jacob’s program, a pro trader who’s is helping investors accumulate more bitcoin through his amazing trading strategy, with his program I went from having 3btc to 11.5btc in just 3weeks. You can reach him on Email @ Jacobwesley61@gmail or Telegram @jacobwesley22. WhatsApp +1(405)266-3731. .

  4. My take on Trump’s comments. Trump is very strategic. He knows many of his supporters hold cryptocurrencies. ومع ذلك, he is also battling the mainstream, social networks, celebrities and politicians. It’s not secret the CIA owns Facebook, Google, Amazon, إلخ. Since Trump is taking away their control, they were releasing Libra to get some of their finances back and work outside of the dollar. So I think he his trying to stop Libra, while leaving Bitcoin as a tradeable asset like Gold.

  5. Jacob was featured in a forum i stumbled upon and he made a lot of sense. I am sure he is as good as people say because of the level of experience he exhibited in that discussion

  6. It is it is still my opinion that one of Trump’s aides penned that grammatically correct tweetstorm. It is also my opinion that Trump knows no more about Bitcoin than he does the nuclear Triad or anything doesn’t revolve around him.

  7. Bitcoin can’t be uninvented nor can it be effectively banned. Transactions will just go underground. Do you think everyone gave up their gold in the 30’s when Roosevelt made it illegal? Nope, it just went on the black market.

  8. I always enjoy your videos I would like to submit something to you though. America does not have their own currency they use the Federal Reserve Note. Notice Donald Trump’s word usage where he said the United States dollar

  9. Trump doesn’t like crypto because he doesn’t understand it. If he did, he’d have his own trash coin and be in the thick of multiple pump & dump scams.

  10. Trump and Maxine Waters agree on something? That’s just weird! She probably thinks that money comes from the printing press. Did she ever have to worry about running a company? Low IQ; doesn’t understand Bitcoin.

  11. cant fud down the script… SHA!!! like Iran in the 1960s… أنا!!! keep on mining so swiftlycant stop the codemore than you knownot even a dronecant stoooop the codeheyyyyI love the codemore than you knowhey!… gotta let it showI loooove the code.. heyyyy

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