Can Bitcoin (BTC) STILL Make You A Millionaire? – بواقعية

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Why Bitcoin Works

Planting Bitcoin

Fish Was Once Currency in Newfoundland



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Can Bitcoin (BTC) STILL Make You A Millionaire? – بواقعية

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  1. 5:10 100 trillion Zimbabwe dollars is about $40 دولار أمريكي
    Love your videos BTW.
    Thanks for what you do. أبقه مرتفعا!

  2. فيديو رائع! Thank you for the 23rd time! 👍 Years ago I was all about alts but, the longer I’m in this market I’m becoming a BTC maximalist.

  3. Altcoin Daily Thanks for the scarily components of Bitcoin stressed as Q DAO Governance token supply is a mere club membership of one million minus one maximum supply makes me think that the value as it is slowly released over the next 2 years means that converting a percentage down the road will be as what smart $$ is all about. Success of this project is not questionable in my eyes. I waited a long time for this and it is time to climb up on my soapbox.

  4. It does not take such a huge amount of money to push up the market-cap of bitcoin. That is a misunderstanding. It only takes the *most recent* btc transactions to go steeply up in price, to make all the other dormant bitcoins to have that perceived value, though nobody might have paid a fraction of that for most of them; so the amount invested need be far, far less.

    Therefore it only takes scarcity at the exchange-points and high demand at a given time, to alter the market-cap. So my guess is that dramatically increased valuation could happen looong before btc replaced all currencies (if that were even possible). If simply ‘owning one complete bitcoinbecame a status symbol amongst the wealthy, فمثلا, that alone could push the price (and market-cap) off the charts.

  5. You need money to make money. أيضا, rich get richer. It’s much easier to make $1 مليون ل $10 million than $100k to $1 مليون.

  6. Nobody ever asks me about Bitcoin lol. They all know I’m into it, but I guess they just think I’m crazy lol. But when the day comes when everybody is asking about it I’ll be ready. Sadly I won’t be able to pick up because I’ll be relaxing on the beach. الانجاز

  7. Lambdacode I do hear you. I was there once. If I could have my time again I’d have bought property sooner and not laughed at BTC in 2012. Make one your goal. Go without. It will be worth it.

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