3 GREAT Cryptocurrency Buying Opportunities RIGHT NOW!

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حسنا فريق Altcoin يوميا!

Let's talk about 3 GREAT crypto buys, right now. I don't mean good. I mean GREAT! Today I want to share with you 3 winners in the cryptocurrency space that are not only at all time recent lows but also they recently have had some great news/updates. مشاهدة الفيديو.

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***Not financial advice. Just opinion.

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3 GREAT Cryptocurrency Buying Opportunities RIGHT NOW!

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  1. رائع! I don’t currently hold Utrust but am looking into it. Your 3 picks really do hit on the kind of investment fund mentality: Bitcoin= staple, Vechain= mid risk/ good returns, and UTrust= more risky but big potential. I’d say if someone was only going to hold 3 cryptos then this list would be alright.

  2. Oh ! بلى !! What about XP ?
    GREAT BUY ?? It’s just 1 ساتوشي
    MC 3 Million but was over Billion in market cap. It’s over 300% أسفل. Great buy ? Hahahaha!!!!

  3. What are your toughs about THETA..Theta protocol solves various challenges the video streaming industry faces today especially for high resolution high bitrate 360° virtual reality (VR) streams

  4. Altcoin Daily if you have 4k$, how you will diversify this to increase your position in short term (1-2شهر ) as this the first investment for you.

  5. It went down to 5750. Funny how you didn’t post anything back then. Btw, I changed my mind in between, after we hit 5750 I got a feeling this may be the bottom and I bought back in. Sorry to disappoint you loser 🙂

  6. Maybe I didn’tstick to my opinionbecause I know how to read charts (we had hit 21 Exponential MA on the monthly chart right at 5750) and check statistics on longs/shorts (it’s updating every week). I also noticed the most searched words on google wereBitcoin is dead” و “How to short Bitcoin”. I knew from that point I need to change my strategy. I own you at this game kid.

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