3 BIG Reasons Bitcoin Over 30k By End Of Year!!! على الأقل!

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يا فريق Altcoin يوميا!

Let's go over 3 MAJOR green flags, as I see it in the cryptocurrency market!

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3 BIG Reasons Bitcoin Over 30k By End Of Year!!! على الأقل!

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  1. You won’t have to wait for 5 years for BTC to hit $100k. BTW, a couple of things you didn’t mention are a slowdown in the equities markets causing money to flow into Cryptocurrencies and currency collapses doing the same. This is occurring in Turkey now with their Lira taking a dive.

  2. Thomas Edison told Big Jim Diamond to buy the copper mines as this new thing called electricity will change the world. He did and became a multi millionaire…. Take note and we will all do very well

  3. Everyone gets fearful and cynical around this time. If/When the market shoots back up to 7500 those same people will feel better. Human nature.

  4. مرحبا, great video as usual.

    Q: can you explain how one can “take profits” as you say? For example say ADA is up 20% لليوم, how do I take profits for that? It’s not like I can convert ADA to dollars on binance.

    Very interested to hear, thanks again 🙏 👍

  5. Yeah you sell a portion of it for Bitcoin where then you can either cash out with bitcoin or you can reinvest into ADA once it dips back down again.

  6. I actually think that merchant adoption of Bitcoin from merchants like Starbucks is a bad thing, if you care about the price of bitcoin going up. The reason why is because these merchants need to constantly sell for fiat to settle for their inventory, thereby creating a constant downward selling pressure on price

  7. Just remember, Bitcoin got to $20k without an ETF. My Prediction: the ETF gets pushed back until spring of next year. this really bums out of lot of perma bulls and maybe the price drops just a little, but then it will start rising because Winter is fast approaching. And bitcoin will get back to $20k without the ETF, probably a little higher but under $30k and everyone will be freaking out holding each other jumping up and down. And then everyone will realize, we still got ETF money on the way. Whoever just moved the market to $20k+ isn’t some ginormous company like BlackRock or The Intercontinental Exchange or something that can only buy in thru ETFs, this money was moved by Investors in the space. Then in the spring, when bitcoin has slumped down to $15k Maybe the Bitcoin ETF finally gets approved and asset management companies decide to get Bitcoin for their super rich customers. And possibly by June, we see the prices increase. Which would be weird, cuz summer. But Bitcoin is the Honey Badger and he dont give no care. Winter? Summer? Bitcoin adapts. No fiat can match its awesomeness.

  8. Short term is do see a 3-5k btc first before we go back up tighten your seat belts it’s going to be a bumpy ride for the next 3 الشهور

  9. More like dash, XRP, ETH, إلخ, ltc, xmr, zec, btg, bch, ada and str. The top 100 would increase but the top.30 would EXPLODE just.off seeing what their aths were before theres a reason why these coins have remained in the top 30

  10. Great video man….
    Perfect reasonsso many things are starting to happen from end of September till End of November….
    Im for long HODL so every dip is great buying opportunity …. keep with 5he great videos….
    Respect from Macedonia

  11. The concept of taking profits is nonsense it involves in thinking you can time the market and sell hard money Bitcoin for soft money fiat, I instead believe we will have a Bitcoin economy without the need to touch Fiat, in the meantime support vendors that support Bitcoin and help make that reality come true.

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