2019 Year of Retail Adoption? Or Institutional Investors? Pundi X or Square? [Bitcoin/Crypto News]

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سوف 2019 be the year of mass merchant adoption? I think it is more likely that 2019 will be the year of the institutional investors. Let's talk about it!

أيضا, do you like Pundi X for merchant adoption? Or Square?

Let me know in the comments!

***NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE. فقط الرأي. هل لديك البحثية الخاصة

Will More Retailers Start Accepting Crypto in 2019? Here’s What the Data Predicts

Square Expands Cash App Bitcoin Service to All 50 US States

Square Expands Cash App Bitcoin Service to All 50 US States

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2019 Year of Retail Adoption? Or Institutional Investors? Pundi X or Square? [Bitcoin/Crypto News]

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  1. Great video as always….keep sharing and enlightening us. Apart from pundi x and square there is electroneum (ETN) that just released their instant patented payment system that allows merchants to receive instant payments from customers in any form of crypto. I think it is also one to watch as far as crypto adoption by merchants is concerned 🙂

  2. I’m a believer in Pundi X, because they have an actual product utilization that’s been in effect for some time. They’ll only get better over time. I’ll continue to buy while still under a penny and hopefully have a great amount to actually use as a consumer one day. I have to look into Electroneum ETN. I’m unfamiliar about this one; heard of it, but don’t know of it. All in all, we’re winning as EARLY ADOPTERS!!!!

  3. أيقونة (ICX) really has very big prospects growth! And they have a skilled development team! It is quite possible that ICON (ICX) will become one of the leaders of cryptocurrency growth in 2018. Take part in their airdrop while the going is good on vipairdrop.info/bestairdrop/icx

  4. Pundi X has already started shipping their Xpos and in countries like Singapore and Hong Kong, retailers have already started accepting cryptos as payment using Xpass or Xwallet.

  5. I don’t think there is one particular thing that will catapult us to instant adoption across the board. Rather the combination of numerous individual events occurring (somewhat) concurrently will cause it. Ivan on Tech has a point about the spend and immediately replace. I have only considered it had to be save or spend. Thanks for sharing!

  6. نعم فعلا. 2019 is the year it all goes mainstream. Crypto will traded like normal stocks in regulated exchanges. It will also be used as a currency to pay for pretty much anything.

  7. 99% of randoms don’t care about tech. That’s the issue with talking about crypto to those not in the space, and a huge reason adoption is harder than many think.

  8. Seems to me Pundix and Square will function as an intermediary, just like VISA or Mastercard, taking a percentage of every transaction. Great for adoption, I guess, but anathema to Satoshi’s vision for BTC.

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