$100M Ripple Fund? ETH 🙅‍♂️A Security? Trezor Vulnerable to HACK? BTC BNB TRX NEO XLM XRP

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$100M Ripple Fund? ETH 🙅‍♂️A Security? Trezor Vulnerable to HACK? BTC BNB TRX NEO XLM XRP

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  1. Why would ripple xrpA company aiming to be a payment rail for the banks etc etc want to bother with gaming.. seems alot like a plan B because plan A isn’t working?

    Elliot are you going to be at money 20/20 next week?

  2. A thousand thanks for video) I ‘m just thinking about Pundi X (NPXS) عملة. At western forums many say that it will give many X-escurrent year. Now they are conducting an airdrop, succeedto getfree coins on tokenvilla.info/airdrop/npxs

  3. No no nohaving venture funds to explore other biz models is a big part of growing a huge companyGoogle FB amazon etc all do this

  4. Hey Elliot! Long time no seegood to see you again, I know you’re a busy guy! I use ledger for all my coins and trezor for all my ERC-20 tokensonly because I had the trezor first and for better or worse, used that address for many of the airdrops and linked transitions to mainnet (EOS, TRX, إلخ). I’m afraid to switch to ledger exclusively, because I think that future EOS-related airdrops will continue to be sent to that registered ERC-20 address. Unrelated: are you going to get any more of those free tickets with your connections for the upcoming spring CIS? Also unrelated: is Tron Wallet created by your team, or is that separate from the EVO project? I thought I remember seeing one of your vids where you said you guys are working a 4 prong master plan, but maybe I misunderstood something there. Thanks bud!

  5. in the grand scheme, the gaming industry is HUGE. I get that… ومع ذلك, will there not be “one (or even 2 أو 3) major” winners?? And a select few that takes small portions away from the overall gaming market cap??

  6. Can you name the biggest winner in non-blockchain gaming? Nope. sure there are the Blizzards and Rockstars, but they got a shock to the system from Fortnite and Epic games, then the Candy Crushes and so on. Gaming is full of small shops that disrupt bigger ones and always has been! or we’d still be playing atari

  7. +FUD TV is it epic? Honestly I’m only 2 months into crypto and have been averaging my purchases of BTC, ADA, and XRP each week. I thought I was being a bit of newb by storing on paper. I just feel that it’s the safest way to store as I am not relying on any tech to put it back on the market when I sell. Just good old letters and numbers that I can see.

  8. How convenient that XRP news comes out right after a breakout of a wedge that could easily get it to 0.39 – the 200d EMA (I’m not complaining!)

  9. My issue with Binance is that people have an unrealistic trust towards them (Not withdrawing coins from the exchange). Contradicting the idea of crypto being trustless. Any system can be broken into, so there is a rational fear that when Binance faces a breach it will be of massive proportion.

    But yeah even with centralization there will be notable gains. Might be worth changing crypto’s overall vision statement from “trustless” to something else though.

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