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💥BLOCKCHAIN NEWS! 💥All the latest cryptocurrency news, ICO's and blockchain stuff from the people who know.

🔶This week:
☑️FUNFAIR talk about gambling on the blockchain
☑️Jeff Berwick, The Dollar Vigilante, talks about the state of the recent crypto market and bitcoins price.
☑️Plus we announce the $1500 CRYPTO TOKENS FROM MERITT PROTOCOL! 😱😱


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➡️➡️http://meritt.co (Token Pre-Sale Begins Sept 20th)

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NB. All information shared here is for information only and should not be considered any kind of financial advice. Always do your own research. 😜


61 تعليقات

  1. you guys are the most legitimate voice of our community and write it here cuz i know you will get the notification right away! way to go for what ya do

  2. Damn it I thought I wold win some of those Merrit tokens. So I’m trying again. How about chatting with Alan Greenspan about cryptos. Some people reckon he is Satoshi. Doesn’t look like much of a laugh though

  3. I follow the Dollar Vigilante and have done for a long time Jeff is clever on crypto stuff. He is the original New Kid On The Blockchain…. See what I did there 😉

  4. Ur giveaways are remarquable way to keep the community with you. and the more fans you get the better we are all and the better the cryptofuture will be. maybe those are some big words but i think you well deserve it

  5. I would love to have a conversation with Neil Armstrong, the first man to step on the moon. Imagine giving Neil some cold storage coins, and have him deliver these coins to the MOON. First Crypto Coins that actually went to the Moon, IMAGINE THAT….

  6. Wowooooop! Thank you very much first time I win something!!!!! I´ll send you all the details tomorrow! Keep doing this quality programs great content and format!!

  7. I would like to chat about crypto to Jim Morrison from the Doors! I’m sure he would write a song which would get everyone breaking through to the other side and adopting crypto!!

  8. Next year Bitcoin will be 10 years old but cryptocurrencies are still very poorly represented in mass culture. It must be urgently corrected! So I’d like to meet with Herbert Wells and George Lucas and discuss with them a couple of crypto-ideas for a book and movie!

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