The TRUTH about Facebook’s Cryptocurrency 🚨Libra Blockchain & White Paper EXPLAINED!

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ያሰኘንን ጋር crypto ይጠብቁ – በዓለም ምርጥ ሃርድዌር የኪስ ቦርሳ: = d2748025234b

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ማስተባበያ: ይህ የገንዘብ ምክር አይደለም! ይህም አንድ መዝናኛ እና አስተያየት-ተኮር ትርዒት ​​ነው. እኔ የገንዘብ አማካሪ አይደለሁም. አንተ ብቻ ማጣት አቅሙ ምን ኢንቨስት እባክዎ, እኛም ኢንቨስት በፊት የራስህን ምርምር ለማድረግ እናበረታታዎታለን. DYOR!

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The TRUTH about Facebook's Cryptocurrency 🚨Libra Blockchain & White Paper EXPLAINED!

24 አስተያየቶች

  1. በግል, I have no interest. I don’t support Facebook and don’t support another PayPal copycat with fancy marketing terms

  2. What happens when FB suspends or bans your account because you shared a link they didnt like? What happens to your money then?

  3. Miss your videos man. Awesome video this was very informative. I hate that eventually they will create chaos and force everyone to use their new form of currency, there’s no way to scape it, they have all our information already, the old no one will be able to buy and sell without the mark.

  4. FB coin will do well in the beginning, but it will fade. ደግሞ, when the first hack happens it’s over. Thank you FB for participating in Crypto.

  5. Bigger picture: regulations coming into place soon, de-listings all over the place for Americans with KYC/AML becoming mandatorywe might even see Americans not able to buy certain coins off coinbase soonit’s almost as if Fuckerberg knows something we don’t. Get your positions in coins that embrace regulations.

  6. Don’t plan on having anything to do with this dystopian nightmare. Trading one master for another is folly

  7. They claim it won’t be linked, and you won’t even need a Facebook page to use it. Not that I trust them, but that’s what they claim

  8. What happens when the world fiat currencies collapse? Will Libracoin then attain value from people trust making FB and it’s partners the new world central bank?

  9. 🍍🌕
    THEYWill now use the tech of blockchain to put us in chains.
    Facebook is the door. Do not open it..

  10. I know you mentioned itborrowingfrom Ethereum, but you did not categorize it as a potential Ethereum killer like it could be for Ripple. Do you think that it could be an Ethereum killer too?

  11. What happens if you call somebody fat on Facebook…..will they kick you off Facebook and hold/Freeze your Libra coin. Don’t touch it peopleit’s a trap to enslave us all. Libra bad, Bitcoin Good.

  12. Great job E. Introducing Crypto to 2.4 Billion potential users and making it easy to transfer is HUGE for mass adoption. Amazon will be next. In a few years we won’t remember life before crypto. This will be amazing for BTC prices. I’m thinking it will hurt some alts as they will do what others had hoped too.

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