$50k Bitcoin in 2018? BitMex’s Arthur Hayes Prediction Explained

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$50k Bitcoin in 2018? BitMex's Arthur Hayes Prediction Explained

43 አስተያየቶች

  1. Good info as always bro but a quick question. Do you think he could be telling everyone it is going up between now and Dec so most will bet on going long and then he crashes it down to 5800 in December which is usually a major growth month? Just thinking outloud on what makes him more money.

  2. Another Funny and very informative video a good way to start the day. አመሰግናለሁ, bro ……..#HODLGANG IS IN THE BUILDING !!

  3. Thats what I was thinking. And also it is dependent on Bitcoin ETFs going live. If that doesn’t happen

  4. This is just too much good news….you are going to change the meaning of FUD to “Faith, Understanding, ና…….uh…….hmmmmm…….Don’t Give Up…..Don’t Ever Give Up” (አዝናለሁ, couldn’t think of a good ‘D’ word)

  5. he makes millions on millions on millions every which way it goes. Though he does admit the down days are more profitable. I think he understands that growth of the price of BTC means growth for everyone, him included. He did say it would crash to 3-5k before heading to 30-50k BTC price. We shall seeeeeee! #notmeme #itsfromHIM =P

  6. bitcoin ETF seems like its moments away (given that it’s not a security, እንዴ በእርግጠኝነት)

  7. Wow there’s big news russian military opened blockchain research lab
    bitcoin finally going full mode bull run.. It seems price going now to 25k soon or 50k

  8. We needed u last week Ellio! While u were busy sunbathing off the southern coast of St. Bart’s with spider monkeys tripping on acid. The market had some serious FUD.

  9. So what are we doing with Vechain just leave it on Binance until August ? Is there a better/ more safe option ?

  10. I really enjoy watching your show. Bit I’m disappointed with this episode. You did not play the prediction through. If you did, you’d see he said he doesnt care about the price but just the trading on his site.

    Don’t water down your service FUDTV

  11. I have studied BitMex in depth and while he makes money either way, he will have 10x the traders and volume with a bigger market which will come with a higher price of bitcoin. He may make short term gains off of dips, but long term he will benefit more from growth of the price of BTC. He knows that. Sorry if you think I’ve misrepresented something but that’s not the case.

  12. FUD TV fair point. But the video you based your video on is where which it is clear he doesn’t care the price of Bitcoin, ad long he gets the volume. I think he actually says that.

    I think you have a lot of good content but that was not a good video to make your point. Especially cos you cut it before he gets caught out for not caring the price of Bitcoin.

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