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ሄይ Altcoin ዕለታዊ ቡድን,
A lot of positivity in the crypto market right now!

በዚህ ቪዲዮ ውስጥ, I wanted to remind you of all the green flags that we've been seeing lately. These green flags tell us that CRYPTOCURRENCY IS GOING TO EXPLODE. Think about this, we are still in the early stages of the crypto market. I believe that the market will get to a 1 TRILLION dollar market cap by the end of this year. And in the coming years grow even more.
In this video I talk about:
1) Institutional Money
2) Governments Getting Involved
3) Business's adopting the blockchain technology

ደግሞ, I briefly mention some of my top cryptocurrency coin pick at the moment, ጭምር:
Bitcoin (BTC), ካርዳኖ (ADA), Neo, Vechain (VEN), Binance ቢዝነስ INN (BNB), and Ontology (አሉህ).

Be smart out there guys. የራስዎን ምርምር አድርግ. Make good choices.

እንደ. ይመዝገቡ.

**Not advice. ልክ አስተያየት.

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  1. Thanks Aaron, for the kind words, if you think about how quickly the market changed in space of 10 ሳምንታት, Nov 15 to Feb 6, it might only take 10 weeks for a bull run to go from 300 billion to say 900 ቢሊዮን

  2. I feel you. No question in my mind that it’s gonna go up. If the market hit’s a trillion dollars before December I will reevaluate accordingly.

  3. Dude lets talk, am on 20,000 followers on LinkedIn and I like your, formal, realistic videos, see- my name and search Nazareth Qarbozian. Lets connect. I agree this market is undervalued.

  4. Well guys I got admit I got in on bitcoin early on and got out just in time and I don’t think I’m getting back in and this is why.
    The bankers pretty much rule the world they are the ultimate controllers and not only our country but most other countries, these Bankers planning to move away from the dollar but will not allow blockchain the control the banking industry. Remember the bankers own 70% of Monies. Also have a huge hand in the lawmaking and due process. They totally control our government and many other governments and if you think for one moment that these powerful people will allow anything remotely close to the industry of blockchain to be used against their power you’re sadly mistaken.
    Nothing will change unless they allow it and if you believe anything different than that you clearly have no idea what corporations they own and how much control they have over this world sayonara y’all I hope the best for each and everyone of you.

  5. You’re ridiculously gullible if you believe that Soros etc getting into crypto is a good thing for us. He sees it an extremely easy market to manipulate. If Soros can crash whole economies then just think what he can do to the tiny crypto market with his manipulation.

  6. Soros on his own could drop the Bitcoin price to less than $500 and then buy it up cheap. You must be very new to Soros and the crypto markets if you believe that his involvement is a positive.

  7. Awesome videooo
    Im so happy I put all my fiat intp crypto very sad I dont have any more…..to put in….
    Very sad my government is so BEHIND….
    Respect from Macedonia

  8. Can’t believe no one talks about Populous. It will become the leading force in invoice factoring market. And remember we’re talking about TRILLIONS of dollars industry right here.

  9. Yeah right. Soros holds like the worst record on short selling. The only one he got right was in the early 90’s when he managed to short GBP.

  10. I wonder why many ta you turber keep saying btn drop to 2.4K and keep saying to stay away from investment. I wonder how come they are so sure youturber like Bitraged and Financial Freedom. በማንኛዉም ሁኔታ, I think they are stealing our opportunity.
    can they take resopnsibilty if bit coin go to 20K instead of 2.4 k ?

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