Top 2 Signs Of A Reversal! | Ethereum & Litecoin Technical Analysis

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Bitcoin Tegniese Analise & Bitcoin Nuus Vandag: Is the Bitcoin price ready for a bull run? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. I'll also do some altcoin analysis. Meer spesifiek, Litecoin technical analysis and Ethereum technical analysis and price predictions. The Bitcoin hashrate is rising rapidly, and I want to talk about this bullish indicator for Bitcoin, so watch the video to learn more!

0:44 Resistance
3:20 RSI & Stochastic
5:53 Daily EMA Ribbon
8:36 Ethereum Tegniese Analise
10:03 Litecoin Technical Analysis
13:39 Bull Run Incoming?

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Top 2 Signs Of A Reversal! | Ethereum & Litecoin Technical Analysis

28 kommentaar

  1. I like the “play” with log chart. Up till now it has shown the same kind of growth and why would this not just continue? One higher high, and the real bullrun starts!

  2. If all the time to shout about the bullrun, then sooner or later the it turn will happen. Broken hours twice a day show the right time. Carl is a broken clock.

  3. BAGUETTE!!! Oh sorry I’ve been up all night, and that was the best French joke I could come up with on short notice! In elk geval, thank you for another great video! 😀

  4. Wassup Carl!!! I think we honestly are reversing as well. These lows are REALLY low, like almost a steal low lol

  5. Bitcoin i dont Know yesterday i thought we break through But obv there are no buyers. We Pumped all Day and so it looked Like easy Job, then price totally failed with the result of a big drop.
    Like last time we found Support with an Upswing..
    We could have crash. But IT is sunday, if you Look how Few bc are traded you can imagine how cheap a Manipulation is. One Trick is a fast pump, you Only See this live. Price pump with in 1 second often followed by a drop But IT created a higher high, Remember same range Few weeks ago. I think even if we break through there are no buyers above.
    My question is why we have so many shorts. Price went up and Maybe some whales hold shorts to manipulate.
    Also we dont have many Longs, we have more But most Youtubers are bullish so the normal trader May be long. And Longs did not grow big, of course you dont Know how old the shorts are. IT May be that the whales who bought them at 6300 did not sell and use them for what ever reason. Maybe even they Know we Fall the next Day or they want to liqidate while price reach 6600 to push it.

  6. +tomski thechamp I think retail investors will get excited and throw money into the market, causing a small rally. Institutional investors will come in slowly.

  7. Hi Carl .. thanks so much! TA is always appreciated. When attempting to day trade does 15min RSI and Scholastic have significance?

  8. to say that an increase in hashrate strengthens the network is highly misleadingbecause what truly counts is decentralization. If bitmain 10x-s its btc hashrate raising the hashrate by a lot, btc becomes weaker, not stronger

  9. DESCENDING BEAR TRIANGLE. Market will fall hard. Horrible exponential chart line. Seems You don’t know nothing about cycle.

  10. Ether will spark a massive bull run ,
    1: Super discounted right now perceivable bottom.
    3: I SAID SO

  11. This shows that mining will continue even if we drop below the assumed mining cost of 6k saying that the 6k price is not a price support

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