THE BOUNCE CAME! What Now? | Downtrend Dead Or Alive?! | Meltem Demirors & Bitcoin

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Bitcoin Tegniese Analise & Bitcoin Nuus Vandag: Meltem Demirors was defending Bitcoin in congress. ook, I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Kyk na die video om meer te leer!

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In one week, the President of the United States, the Treasury Secretary, the Fed Chairman, and members of Congress have all directly mentioned and addressed bitcoin. As a 2012 hodler, My mind is blown. van Bitcoin

Meltem Demirors Complete Congressional Testimony on Libra & Bitcoin – 07/17/2019

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THE BOUNCE CAME! What Now? | Downtrend Dead Or Alive?! | Meltem Demirors & Bitcoin

37 kommentaar

  1. Carl ! u r a God Gift !! … u r such an amazingly dedicated person …. i have no words to express my appreciation for it.
    U R MINDBLOWING with your Diligence, Expertise, and willingness to share !! LOVE U TO THE CORE my freinds GOD BLESS U ( and all )

  2. Hello Carl! Great video. Been following you since Dec 18 and well you motivated me to learn about crypto, enter to the world of crypto, trade, and it’s my life now ❤️🌍

  3. Traveling and Bitcoin is doing great and I would definitely call it bullish for this year sofar 👍

  4. 4:30 – I freakin love this guy!!! “First of all I am THE MOON, i don’t get REKT!!!” Carl you are awesome!

  5. Perhaps one day you can talk about Tether conspiracies. Loud voices on Twitter are convinced Tether is manipulating the market.

  6. “You should definitely keep waashinndiisvidteeu” and “I’m the Moon, I don’t get Rekt” is probably 2 of your biggest slogans now. Thanks for your dedication to Cryto and providing consistent content.

  7. @Flynn I see what you did: there his dark side isPink he’s alunatic” enigste “tyd” will tell because itsus and thembut I believe in Carl and the Moon will make us “geld” so I will DEFINITELY WASHDISVEEDIO

  8. @Healthy Life CarewaashinndiisvidteeuWhen you spell it like that it sounds like The Ancient Hindu God of Crypto

  9. Yep! Let’s hope ‘cup and handle’ formation is about to ‘kick in’ and set up further uptrend.🏌️‍♂️🌤

    Reminder Łitecoin fees recently reduced by 90 persent, and Charlie Lee and Justin Sun charity lunch with Warren Buffet coming up!

  10. Bro you got rekt stop it, show some humility and if you didn’t get rekt I’m sure someone listening to your bearishness did. You wanted 7k so bad lol

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