Reversal Pattern Forming? | Robert Kiyosaki Bullish On Bitcoin, But NOT The Dollar!!

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Bitcoin Tegniese Analise & Crypto News Today: Is there a bullish reversal pattern forming in the Bitcoin chart? Well, I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to show you why there might be an inverse head and shoulders pattern forming on Bitcoin now. ook, Robert Kiyosaki is bullish on Bitcoin as a hedge against the world economy. Is there a global economic collapse coming soon? Kyk na die video om meer te leer!


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Reversal Pattern Forming? | Robert Kiyosaki Bullish On Bitcoin, But NOT The Dollar!!

27 kommentaar

  1. @themoon can you make a quick video about what you think of the top 25 of coins ? or make a serial, one video per coin, to tell us what you think about each coin ? if not, no problem, keep doing your analyze video, they are great and they help a lot, thanks and 💪.

  2. in die verlede 10 years the cost of a house has doubled….and the increase in personal income has gone up from 35,000 om 36000 per jaar.

  3. Just wanted to add, that US dollar is backed by bullets. An incredible amount of bullets. US dollar will not go down quietly.

  4. The way you sayyou should definitely keep watching this videoin a more fading out/softer tone is much more intriguing than you say in a normal tone in some videos
    Keep the softer tone as a trademark !
    Love your videos.

  5. ETF whales want to establish lower prices before they start harvesting reserves. Otherwise both TA and fundamentals are pretty good, but a lot of traders are nervous after their hard lesson after December 2017.

  6. I love your introand if this sounds interesting, then I think that you should definitely keep watching this videoso long to write, but so fast when you say it lol

  7. CNBC just started talking about how strong the stock market is. If that isn’t a sell signal i don’t know what is. Dit gesê, the dollar will be the last man standing out of the national fiat currencies. It will collapse, but others will go first as we are starting to see now.

  8. What I mean is, USA has monopoly on force on this planet. As soon as some nation tries to separate from the US dollar, they immediately find themselves at war which they lose fast. As long as that’s the case, US dollar isn’t going anywhere without a major worldwide conflict. That’s what I meanUS dollar is backed by bullets.

  9. You are forgetting Student Loan debt here in the US. Thats whats going to cause a crash soon besides Credit Cards.

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