Grootboek Nano S unboxing & Resensie | Die goedkoopste & Beste Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet op die mark?

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Ledger Nano S Affiliate Link: = f988
This is my Ledger Nano S unboxing and review. Ledger has several cryptocurrency hardware wallets for sale, and in this video, I'll do a review on the cheapest Bitcoin hardware wallet out there, the Ledger Nano S. The Nano S is the cheapest cryptocurrency hardware wallet on the market, and the Nano S is easy to use and it's very secure. The Nano S supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, NEO, Cardano, XRP, Monero and most other big cryptocurrencies. Is it necessary to spend big money to buy a Trezor or Ledger Nano X? Watch this unboxing review to find out!

My Ledger Nano S affiliate link: = f988

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Grootboek Nano S unboxing & Resensie | Die goedkoopste & Beste Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet op die mark?

22 kommentaar

  1. I hear u. But its important everybidy needs to know!! Keep your assets safe in YOUR possession and control!!!!!! His Nano S review is important for us, the comnunity. He cares about us not losing our assets to thieves. Thanks Carl. I love mine.

  2. THANK YOU CARL!!!! I have had my Ledger in the box for a year. I think I can handle it now haha
    I wanted to let you know I appreciate your conservative yet bullish stance in crypto land. Peace and love my friend.
    Signed, Grandma who doesn’t fit the demographic.

  3. Thanks Carl for the Reveiw, I also use Nano Ledger S, its the safest, easiest and best Hardware Wallet which everyone should use.

  4. I don’t mind a review/unboxing, will help some here, but never thought it would take time from the main content

    Your main content = priority
    Review/unboxing/tutorial = extra


  5. Thank you Carl. I bought one but haven’t hooked it up yet. This video gives me a little more confidence.

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