Crypto Winter Will Be Epic for Bitcoin (BTC)?! – Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis & Market News

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Will crypto winter be epic for Bitcoin (BTC)?! Let's discuss this and some cryptocurrency trading technical analysis (TA) + current market news on today's video!

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Vrywaring: Die inhoud wat in hierdie video / live stream is NIE beleggingsadvies. Ek is nie 'n finansiële adviseur. Dit is net my eie persoonlike opinies, idees, kaarte, tegniese ontleding (TA), insigte, nuus en prys voorspellings. doen altyd jou eie navorsing en belê slegs uitsluitlik op grond van jou eie bevindinge en persoonlike oordeel. Besluit om te belê in en / of te koop Bitcoin (BTC) of enige ander tipe van cryptocurrency is 'n baie hoë risiko en die mark kan crash te eniger tyd! Hierdie video / live stream is suiwer vir vermaaklikheids doeleindes alleenlik!

Crypto Winter Will Be Epic for Bitcoin (BTC)?! – Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis & Market News

26 kommentaar

  1. What is the opposite of Fomo and James at the water cooler? Sold my BAT at .17 after a short term entry and now its mooning?

  2. Thx for enlightening the world Kirbs, and the best interpretation of TA I’ve seen so far. Cheers!

  3. Can i recommend you put together a list of all your legendary phrases?? For your dedicated followers 🙂

  4. Kirby you have to let us know which alts you think are undervalued, give the alts some love on the streams

  5. Accumulation phase…. You know institutions wont show their hands and that they have plenty of time. Once they have accumulated 80+ persent (winging it herecould be higher)
    they will mark it upIts called Wyckoff logic. Dont knock it ’till you try it.

  6. I think we need to wait for Baktt as retail traders are expecting too much and sell pressure will increase after disappointment as it was after Swell (xrp)

  7. Tomceek swell was not a disappointment, the price was just manipulated down and couldnt break the 0,59 resistance, it went from 0,54 om 0,59 and then whales sold off

  8. Jaaaaaaaame’s at the water cooler won’t be needing a coat because the crypto winter is gonna be hot.

  9. Nice,
    Ricky regret does not get wrecked!
    really just tell myself that to cope with 40 % loss of unrealized ganz. I do think I will be able to by BAT cheaper then .17 in the near future.

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