BTC Om $18,162? | Low Volatility = Breakout? | Fundstrat Research, Has Bitcoin Bottomed Out?

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Bitcoin Tegniese Analise & Bitcoin Nuus Vandag: Can Bitcoin reach $18,000 before the end of 2019? According to the institutional investors that answered this question in Fundstrats polls. Tom Lee is a co-founder of Fundstrat, and this info about the institutional investor's stance on cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin is very valuable. I'll also use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. so, watch the video to learn more!

1:03 BTC Low Volatility
5:45 Mike Novogratz
6:47 institusionele beleggers

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BTC Om $18,162? | Low Volatility = Breakout? | Fundstrat Research, Has Bitcoin Bottomed Out?

33 kommentaar

  1. 5k 8k 10k 50k 100k its becoming boring on youtube with all these hope for to moon and lambo predictions

  2. I would like to take the time and thank you for all your hard work one question when do you sleep? Have a good day

  3. Low volatility, endless sideways movement is what I am hoping for, because that’s how bull markets start.

  4. man that intro always kill me so funnykeep it up i like your TA and News type of style

  5. D BasedSure we’ll hit 100k eventually. But why would you say this year? Doesn’t really feel like the correction is over to meall *four* previous epic bull runs were 1-4 years apart. Now seems kinda early

  6. Edin PlavuljIt was only a 23 minute video! I’m sure it takes at least triple that to make a video, but anyone not sleeping because of trading is over-trading. Trade with strategy, not emotion. Obvious I really appreciate Carl’s work too 🙂

  7. haha no i was being sarcastic in reference to the mentality that many ppl have. Bull runs are unpredictable, and they never happen when the masses are expecting them to occur.

  8. I don’t lose sleep over this I just know how much it takes to make a video so I appreciate his hard work let’s get this crypto

  9. 100k BTC by the EOY is laughable, people don’t realize at that point via the usual speculation of higher gains we see, altcoins would be 50-100x they’re current price.
    Everyone would be rich

  10. Hey Carl! I have learned so much from watching your videos! Can you confirm if there is a hidden bullish divergence for BTC in the 1 day interval?

  11. *something you should consider talking about in your next video. Tether is looking shaky on the chart. not able to rise back up to it’s full usd pairing for days now. anyone holding funds in tether should seriously consider switching over to TUSD or PAX. with the new more secure and backed stable coins now on the scene I think tether may be in a death spiral. watch your funds guys.*

  12. These people must be un-informed. Cardano will have an amazing amount of features and capabilities. ook, the reasons for it are many. They need to do some homework.

  13. seriously you have no proof what so ever so stop guessing. on another post you’re probably sayingMOOOON

  14. so the community says BTC will 3x and it will be the best performing coin LOLthis is ridiculous to think that no other coin in the market from here to end of 2019 will 3xwe’ll have 3x for a few by next month

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