BREAKOUT Due To LOW Volume!! Exciting Times Ahead! | Silver Vs. Gold

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Bitcoin Tegniese Analise & Bitcoin Nuus Vandag: The Bitcoin price is traded at very low volume right now, so is a breakout imminent? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. I will also talk about the altcoin in this video and the price of silver. Kyk na die video om meer te leer!

0:44 Low Volume
8:45 Price Update
10:45 Bitcoin & Crypto Nuus
16:56 Silver

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Bakkt and Fidelity Will Bring an ‘Enormous Amount of CapitalInto Crypto: Pantera Capital CEO

BREAKOUT Due To LOW Volume!! Exciting Times Ahead! | Silver Vs. Gold

31 kommentaar

  1. Its been a long year Carl. Something better happen these last 2 monts. Getting tired of watching all the hype videos on youtube and not seeing any real action.

  2. There are more exchanges now than before so that skews the volume downwards. For accuracy, you would need to graph the total volume over all exchanges, preferably using fiat volume instead of base volume, and you’d need to somehow account for trades happening offline too.

  3. Nice that you’re reviewing multiple exchanges. It can be so easy to get too comfy with your favorites

  4. Good informative video again! Interesting views re precious metals!

    Bakkt, Fidelity, ErisX and next round Bitcoin/Litecoin mining reward halvings starting 2019! All Looking good!

  5. Goeie werk. I believe breakout is soon also. Maybe even a week away 😎. Keep the vids coming

  6. Hi carl! Could you please make a video where you explain how to invest in gold and silver? I mean if you use ETF, physical metals and how you store it

  7. where do trade Gold and Silver ?? is there any exchange for that ?if so , can you make a video on that and how to trade it ..

  8. Hi Carl. Any recommendations on how to buy precious metals? Physical or paper (if paper which ones/types ETFs, CFD trading etc)?

  9. Very good info Carl
    It is time to put sit belt on and enjoy the 2.5 y. Bull run rid
    Positions is taken
    groete /

  10. hi Carl. thank you so much for BTC daily videos. I will also love some day by day trading predictions/analysis for the other coins. keep those coming, you are really good at it!

  11. As always Carl and excellent review of the current market conditionsI am liking the diversification to stocks and precious metals it adds to the overall financial suite of all of us and is good knowledge to have. Excellent!

  12. Hi Carl.What is the Higest leverage you can trade Bitcoin and which broker do you recommend to use ? Dankie

  13. Bitcoin is really Hard to Know what it is Wörth.
    Meanwhile you can expext smart Money extremly manipulate and try to own the market.
    You Just Dont Know how they effect price, market cap and volume is still so Low, that elite with All the Tricks they can use will man price to get more of it
    I think Volatility will be thin next two years.

  14. Bitcoin is better than Gold. XRP will never have the track record of BTC. XRP will never be like or replace gold. BTC may though.

  15. Yeah agreed. So many videos promising the next breakout bull run being just around the corner. A very big corner.

  16. +hasp24 While Alessio Rastani is telling his subscribers to become a contrarian as the majority of people are bearish. I call bullshit. If youtubers are bullish so will there followers be.

  17. +Smooth Operator Lol I should start a crypto channel to fool retards like you. dan “I’ll be a somebody”.

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