Bitcoin To Break Out & Dow Jones FALLING! Stock Market Crash Now? [Bitcoin Vandag]

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Bitcoin Tegniese Analise & Crypto News Today: The Bitcoin price has formed something called a bullish divergence in the chart. I will use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to show you my Bitcoin price prediction. ook, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is falling. Is the economic collapse and stock market crash imminent? In hierdie video, I will do a Dow Jones analysis and talk about the coming stock market crash! Verder, Steve Wozniak is very bullish on Bitcoin. so, watch the video to learn more!

1:00 Triple Bottom Update
3:59 BTC Bullish Divergence
8:11 BTC Short Positions
8:51 Bitcoin & Crypto Nuus
11:08 Economic Collapse (Dow Jones Analysis)

Steve Wozniak:

Bitcoin To Break Out & Dow Jones FALLING! Stock Market Crash Now? [Bitcoin Vandag]

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  1. 1:00 *Triple Bottom* Update
    3:59 BTC *Bullish* Divergence
    8:11 BTC *Short Positions*
    8:51 Bitcoin & Crypto *News*
    11:08 Economic Collapse (*Dow Jones* Analysis)

  2. I couldn’t agree more that the true bubble still has to play out. The Dot-Com Bubble was worth trillions, and was mainly the US I believe. Now it’s the entire WORLD. Just think about that.

  3. What about the 12 day EMA resistance? It became resistance in early May. I’m seeing the 12 day EMA pushing down hard on 6000 psychological support. I’m still cash for now.

  4. Your videos are simple, honest and more than anything, helpful. I hope you keep it up that was. Thanks for making those videos.

  5. geen, is better to buy now, i dont think you would like to miss the bull run, 6K is 3 times very big support, also people are afraid that they will miss the bull run, thats why 6k is very big support

  6. Yes that is almost completely true. The US was the majority of the bubble back then. Now it’s COMPLETELY global!🌙😀

  7. The lack of shorts is hurting getting a short squeeze which has really been the only upside momentum. A lot of the silly blockchain fizz has been flushed out when companies are just sticking blockchain in their name to juice their stock

  8. I live in eastern europe and to be able to buy average apartment you would need to work for 30 years for average wage.

  9. The Moon funnybut there’s not really any momentummaybe that means $6000 is fair value. Bears can’t seem to shove below that and bulls can’t muster much beyond muted bounces – interessant

  10. Wicked vid CarlTOTALLY AGREECheers for sharing !!! 🙂

    OOOoooohhhhhhDeutsche Bank AG (VSA) is at $10.38 – when that gets below $10, I’m sure its gonna be carnage !!! 🙂 !!!!! 18th MAY 2007 – DB SHARE PRICE = $118.41 !!! Wazup DBConeeeeeect !!! 🙂

  11. Really like your videos, and I agree on what you are saying. And learned now that you are from sweden. Kul att någon från Sverige också kan se hur sjukt fiat systemet är uppbyggt.:)

  12. I get so annoyed when I hearno inflation”. Everything is so expensive. Food, gas, housing, everything has been pushing the price point for years now. They have tried to cage it with artificially low interest rates, but when that tiger gets loose it will eat everything. Dankie.

  13. are u really still talking LOL,. Everything what u predict, 100% opposite happened, last 2 month dude

  14. I’ve been a bullish proponent on cryptocurrency for a while. If there’s one thing that seems to work, it’s HODL, plan, and HODL for the good crypto currencies.

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