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Despite little bitcoin price movement, BAKKT just had their second largest trading day by volume. Institutional interest if growing! Get your bitcoin before they do! van Bitcoin

Overlay of PlanB & Trolololo’s long term Price vs Time models van Bitcoin

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Carl Eric Martin (die maan)


StormGain Review


Geskep deur Sara Bauer en Richard Abermann

37 kommentaar

  1. Let me tell you the story that people cant see.
    Die 21 weekly EMA should not be one line it should be 4 lines! You will see what I am saying if you adjust the 21 weekly EMA setting to “oop” ,”high”, “close”, “low”. Should usehighas resistance and uselowas support. The chart system automaticly applied the close which is not telling all the story. This is the secret behind the EMA.Thehighresistance still above the price.The market will turn to bullish only if the price above thehighsetting of the 21 weekly EMA.
    As right now thehighsetting of 21 weekly EMA is at 9780.The price now is 9180. We have to see the price goes above that level and close above that.Clearly we havent see that yet. So a weekly retest of 8k range is very likely maybe even 7k or lower. Good luck with your position the moon. Hope you have a stop loss set.
    And while Carl is thinking when the btc price going to the moon ? When lambo ? I have to sayRespect of the market who said BTC has to be to the moon to make people stand above lambo?”
    Trading BTC since 2013.

  2. Thank you 🙏🏽😊 your Awesome!!! Most definitely my favorite Youtuber. We appreciate your consistency and hard work.

  3. Dollar cost average and hold. Stay away from leverage trading, too many manipulation going on atm. Only strategy that for sure will pay of big time.

  4. 2000jago but he lost money and was stopped out of his trade just a few weeks ago. Bad predictions there.

  5. Hallo Carl, thank you again. May I ask, what is the price on which you will have your short position activated in case the price breaks out downwards?

  6. I hope bitcoin makes it to the million dollars in the next 10 om 15 years because a loaf of bread will probably be $6000

  7. Doesn’t tether inflate Bitcoin I feel like if we didn’t have tether bitcoin would be at a higher price right now.

  8. When you mention the 200 ma can you please say what price it’s at so that we know when it’s broken

  9. As much as I’ve distanced myself from the markets (too addictive for me) I can’t completely let go.

  10. Why so many negative comments towards Carl guys i just don’t get it! If it was not for these YouTubers providing thier views and opinions how would you ever hear about bitcoin? Yes they are just opinions, you dont have to believe them or watch them. So sad to see people taking out their personal frustrations with others who are genuinely trying to better themselves and help others.
    You don’t like click bait, don’t click. 😉

  11. The information here is very valuable. I will be putting this on my chart for reference thank you 🙏🏼

  12. @Yanlin Li mainstream media talking againenoufh sign for me, die 43% they didint talked about mainstream.. hmm guess why

  13. Thank you Yanlin Li! Some of the best advice and TA I’ve gotten in a long time. Thank you for sharing!

  14. @I Am Not A Robot yet if you traded based on Carls speculation of the next price action you’d be driving a lambo if you had a decent entry. No offence but clearly he’s my youtuber to go to when in need of additional analysis.

  15. @Yanlin Li I wonder sometimes if we will ever hit a million on bitcoin. BTC used to be a big secret. it is getting a lot of attention which is overall good. But i wonder if there will be a huge guise on BTC and everyone moves their money elsewhere. Then the whales scoop them up. I dont think the next bullrun is gonna be that simple. U can’t just sit on a btc for ten years and expect a million dollars. Whales are making a ton of money on 100% of 200%.. they don’t need 10000% returns

  16. Believe it or not, there are people who take these guys hyped BS as gospel and then take desperate financial actions in order to buy btc based on the clickbait views expressed….

  17. @W G explain in great detail. I doubt we ever go below 7500 weer. I feel we may not go under 9 k possibly again. The machines they have don,t want to push that low it looks .the ones built into the system if you know what I mean.I feel 20k is 2 om 4 months away and 50 k in summer . 70 k to 90 k by 2020 fall. Write it

  18. @Psychic Bubblegum Man don’t forget in weekly and even daily charts we are still in a downtrend and some indicators are looking that a big drop could be inminent withing less than a week.

  19. Tom Rider Why that particular level? I have heard that mentioned elsewhere in the bitcoin echo chamber.

  20. @W G I know if we drop massively I still think 20k by Feb or March latest. See what happens

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