Bitcoin Support & Resistance Zones! XRP & Google Crypto Ad Ban

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Bitcoin Tegniese Analise & Bitcoin Nuus Vandag: Is the Bitcoin price going to be trapped between these support and resistance zones? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. ook, Google lifts it's cryptocurrency ad ban, and XRP has reversed, and I'll make some XRP price analysis. Watch the video to see more!

0:30 Bitcoin Recap
3:12 Not Trade Zone
7:24 XRP Technical Analysis
9:20 Google Crypto Ad Ban

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Bitcoin Support & Resistance Zones! XRP & Google Crypto Ad Ban

24 kommentaar

  1. Basically the range will continue to narrow until a breakout happens. Hard to make daily bitcoin videos at the moment.

  2. the ad ban had nothing to do with worry aboutpeople getting scammed” dit was 100% because TPTB did not want this market to rise yet. Google cares NOTHING about people getting scammedwhat? now all the scammers have suddenly gone away. LOL It is bullish though because we know by nowone means of control is to control the narrativesothis is good.

  3. Hey Carl, great videos I watch you daily. I got a question, what do you think about the Bearish divergence on the DJI weekly timeframe?

  4. Dont let the comment trolls beat you up, keep up the great job youre doing! BTC will prevail in the long haul.

  5. I’ve invested more than I can afford to lose but I couldn’t care less because XRP’s going to the moon. 🌐

  6. Who are you, Moon? You don’t look a day over 16 and so intelligent 😀.. really mean it in the nicest way.. one of the best channels.can you tell a bit about yourself and how you knows much. Thanks for the great content!

  7. the MACD indicator, we are only at the start of this short term bear run. As sulks, we are likely to be testing the rising support line of ~$6,260 with some moderate bearish momentum very soon. 📉

  8. I hope the support holds and we bounce for a higher high in order to start the so impatiently awaited bull run (for almost a year already!). High caps like Tezos or Icon can see a decent multiplicator, and mid-low caps like VibeHub or DeepOnion could make a 100x if they go past their ATHs. Please DYOR.

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