Bitcoin & Stocks Falling! | Stock Market CRASH Continues With AMAZON Down 18%

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Bitcoin Tegniese Analise & Bitcoin Nuus Vandag: Stock Market Crash happening right now? Dow Jones, Nasdaq & S&P 500 are all crashing. The Amazon stock is leading the way. Has the stock market bubble popped? And did the 1988 issue of the Economist predict the end of the FIAT currency system to happen on 10th of October 2018? ook, is the stock market crashing correlated with the Bitcoin price? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Watch the video to learn more about this!

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0:52 Bitcoin Tegniese Analise
5:10 Bitcoin & Crypto Nuus
10:05 Stock Market Crash

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Congratulations US senators for understanding crypto better than this guy van Bitcoin

Roubini van Bitcoin

Bitcoin & Stocks Falling! | Stock Market CRASH Continues With AMAZON Down 18%

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29 kommentaar

  1. Octagon, Octopus = 8 That’s why the 8 might refer to October, according to people saying that the front page predicts the crash 😀🌙

  2. as u mentioned S&P500 crossing 200 day moving average is not a good sign today let see everything crashes above 10%

  3. Thanks Carl for another informative video. You appear to be one of us very few enlightened ones. Stay positive all. All you have to do is use your ‘relative strengthto ‘holdand may see something amazing happen approximately fifty nine single rotations of your planet in relation to its primary from now.

  4. I think the stock market drop is just a bump in the road. It should bounce from here. We should want it to do well because if it crashes, crypto CRASHES even more. The crypto market has proven to be a lousy hedge

  5. The correlation between the stock market and the btc is first positive. At the beginning when it arrives (now it may be beginning) the great financial cataclysm, the bitcoin like any other asset that still has speculative character and high volatility will be affected.

    Investors who are inside solely and exclusively for speculative purposes will abandon and sell, and those who believe in fundamentals and in the long term, as a solution to the current system that is doomed to collapse will remain.

    daarom, in this first instance, those speculative risk-averse hands will sell their btc to the holders. When the great collapse comes, it will be like a big tsunamiit will sweep everything and apparently nothing will remain, all submerged, and it will be later when the waters recede when the destruction will be seen.

    That will be when you observebuildingsthat will have resisted well, and where everyone wants to go, precious metals, (goud, silver), and everything that has real intrinsic value, properties, and also bitcoin. The latter will be key to thereconstructionof a new economy.

    Saying it somehow, the collapse of the current system is a disease that yes or yes we will have to endure and pass (like a great deadly virus) and that will affect us all, but that same evil that will harm us initially will be what when everything is destroyed (for the side effects, such as the depreciation of the fiat, and hyperinflation) make the bitcoin focus on the entire international community.

    Calm down guys, everything goes according to plan.

  6. 11:11 (btw 1111 is an angel number of synchronicity, so welcome to the club lol) Angel is an anagram Angle. Those enlightened are partly called angels because we are angles of light on a metaphysical level and therefore innerstand more angles of information/ light than others (more specifically numbers). All will be given the symbols/glyphs in code to decipher. So lets try do this together team. If we think in terms of Roman and Greek then..
    the date format is MM.DD.YYYY

  7. MM=10=december
    Phoenix= fire/death and rebirth of a financial system
    which gives us a median date of 9th December 2018 or approximately the 8th -10th December for approx time zone discrepancy

  8. Sooooooo true! Countries are dumping our debtno buyers. I can’t wait to see the implosion of the USD fractional banking reserve fiat scam. Dirty parasitic banksters!!!!!

  9. Dow theory suggests the correct figures is 16% is the new Bear market. 19% for Bull. So welcome to the new trend!

  10. I’m betting Jews control the Crypto Market too, manipulating it. Why or what’s the logic behind why Crypto crashes even more than the Stock and other Bubbles when happens? I’d love to hear the relationships between thetwosidesmainstream and cryto. Thank you for anyone who can share their thoughts.

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