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High Bitcoin Fees? Binance Just Moved $550 Million for $5 Bucks

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BITCOIN STILL IN UPTREND, $8,100 STILL Holding! | $550 Million Transaction, $5 fooie!!!

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33 kommentaar

  1. I think it’s just a matter of time when btc will correct (drop 20-30%). But I hope that we will see 20k btc eoy

  2. Thats the competition path like every other technology, being faster and cheaper so it can scale! Very dumb argument about btc with that transaction, so funny 😀

  3. +markyhabs In sep 2017 the drop from 5k to 3k lasted a couple of days. Enough to buy a little bit more

  4. funny because I just paid £15 to move 100£ on bitmex and £6 to move 100 on Bitfinext
    Pay no attention to what fees are on paper. Only what you pay.
    Just like liverpool pay a lot of airlines to get to the Champions league final. They will ramp up fees whenever you need them. Like when tether or an exchange is other threat.
    chop chop chop.
    Most traders lose money from fees and transfers. Not trading. Then trades and you are liquidated from fees and you never even knew your were all in.

    Those binance fees are bogus. Maybe they all arranged it together for and advertising campaign. But for any normal person Bitcoin is very expensive to move. to the point where you stay in a dodgy exchange rather than lose 10% moving it.

    Yes and I know many people that just stick with their old tek and never replace.
    Why all these stores keep selling new kit is beyond me. Will never succeed.
    The coin that can handle volume and charge under 1% in fees will win. Bitcoin will not. It is not competative and has no leader so can not react to competition.

    What will happen when XRP or NEO or whatever starts to take over is this.
    Bit coin will have a a brexit like fork.
    For every single decision.
    When ever an issue emerges. BTC just buds off another leaders than can not lead BTC as it can have no leader. Eventually it will get smaller and smaller. As evolution goes on around it.

    Bitcoin is decision by massive committee and basically socialism. The nicest form of socialism that is. It will either create an authoritarian leader in order to stop competition or a competitor will out compete itthat’s how socialism always goes.

    We are pack animals not ants. We have leaders not mind control. We have a tendency to disrupt our own systems to make better ones. Ants are perfect for socialism and bitcoin. They don’t mind working themselves to death for extortionate fees either. And if there were no XRP then btc fees would rise and rise as the power structure took control of the access points and bottle necks even if it were just a fee to have a computer license or internet access.

    Bitcoin is like the guy that gave away the internet. Your philanthropy is very generous and we are incredibly thankful. Now let the people see what they do with it. And the freer those people are then the lower the fees and the better the tek as we see with all human endeavor. Capitalism (that rewards little people for hard work) wins and socialism fails.

    If socialism wins then Someone like Google will take over bitcoin and with their contacts sue every other coin using patent law so that only 3 companies remain and then they will halt all process and just buy more patents after the fact that they have no right to as soon as a disrupter arises. …thats the stage the internet, phones and tv have been in now for a decade.
    Bitcoin is natures way of growing through the cracks as it always does.

  5. Since you can’t answer a basic question (die maan).. Let’s just say that Binance and CZ are Shady AF !

  6. I still feel like so many people don’t understand the whole benefit of BTC and think it’s pure speculation and agame”. We’ve been using BTC in our company for client payouts for over 2 years now because it’s cheaper, faster, and has less restrictions than traditional methods (I.e. Int. Wire, Westerse Unie, PayPal)

  7. Hey great video. your introduction when you talk fast and go to the moon is prob the coolest part. its funny and cool all at the same time.

  8. Nice video man. But i don’t agree with you about Altcoins. You say : why should we have altcoins if we have bitcoin. It’s like saying why we have Samsung if we have Apple?
    Some altcoins have their own products and purpose.

  9. People waiting for this supposed pullback will kick themselves in the head if it never comes. In the grand scheme. Does it matter if you buy a BTC at 6k or at 8k if It’s going to a 100k? Obviously 6k would be nicer. But what if there is no pullback. At what point will these people get in? 11k 12k? Geen, they will miss the boat once again.

  10. Hi Carl great video as usual!

    Can we say we are over extended on the weekly and monthly chart?
    We haven’t formed a higher low since the bull started around $4k right?
    Any thoughts

  11. it already dropped 29% and was immediately rejected. look at the charts from a couple weeks back. That was certainly more than enough in terms of what bears were saying had to happen. well it happened. so now would the real crypto bears please just move along? Die 2018 crypto winter is over. It ended in mid-December, actually. that’s when we bottomed. Get over it. 😀 Enjoy the bull run!

  12. +Midsummer light well, to the point made by Alex Winkler, it’s faster and cheaper than wire and western union, and it has less restrictions than wire, western union and paypal. you can’t really argue that.

  13. +Samer Ayoub how is that a crock? my agency works with people in many places on earth, where bitcoin and other crypto solutions are simply the best options they have. it’s not even close. traditional financial systems are just dinosaurs on their way to being obsolete artifacts of history. if you don’t believe that, then why do you think all the old world financial giants that want to stay among the top elite when crypto takes over, are getting into it at a rapidly increasing rate?

  14. Are you working for dark market company? This must be a joke, you bought at 20k right ? You bought at the top

  15. cheaper and faster also means less secure. That’s why Bitcoin isDigital Goldand the others are not even zinc.

  16. can also say the oposit, why should we keep bitcoin when some altcoin does the same in faster

  17. To scale BTC, you need to compromise the decentralization. The best solution is to combine PoW and PoS into a binary chain. That’s what Vericoin and VeriumReserve project is doing.

  18. Don’t take my word for it. Try sending any amount anywhere and compare it to BTC (with PayPal you can get around some fees if you usefamily & vriende” but the country restrictions are heavy)

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