BITCOIN STILL DOING EXACTLY Like The Previous Falling Wedge!!! | Mind-Blowing Fractal!!!!

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Bitcoin Tegniese Analise & Bitcoin Nuus Vandag: I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Kyk na die video om meer te leer!

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Carl Eric Martin (die maan)

BITCOIN STILL DOING EXACTLY Like The Previous Falling Wedge!!! | Mind-Blowing Fractal!!!!

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Geskep deur Sara Bauer en Richard Abermann

47 kommentaar

  1. I’ve been watching the same thing. I’m trying not to become bias and remain open minded. It’s a crazy similarity though.

  2. My honest opinion for why it looks EXACTLY the same is because its bitfinex and tethers algorithm repeating itself

  3. One request I would like you to start doing if possible. When zooming into the charts can you keep the price scale in view on that? Would make it MUCH easier to follow then. THANK YOU!

  4. I came to a similar conclutions kinda with a stop lose that was like 30 usd away from the high risk stop. I am how ever a total newb in the process of learning for what thats Worth.

  5. Last time Bitcoin went from almost 4k to 14k so if its doing the same thing shouldnt it go from 8k to 24k???

  6. I remember back in my cave , buying my caribou skin for winter, had to pay huge interest rate , cost me my wife and daughter 🙂

  7. Carl, the way you draw this falling wedge means you could be drawing falling wedges the whole time in every scenario. What are the defined touchpoints on the bottomline?
    Just mean to say if you’re noticing a falling wedge, the bottomline could be drawn arround the 7900 dollar level which means it didn’t even break out of the triangle .. Wanted to share this with you, keep up the great work, appreciating it very much! Love

  8. I respect the guy, the work. But nobody predicts the market perfectly. You become more and more pretentiousvideo after video. We all know that if it would work so perfeeeectly, you would not make videos on Youtube 😁😉.

  9. I think an easier way would be to add the key prices (support/resistence/target) that you mention as text over you videos (like when you writeLeave a like?”).

  10. Living in Vegas. Leverage only gets you one thing.
    A complimentary cup of coffee as you leave the casino.

  11. @Peter Pan The price didn’t close above the 200 daily MA. To be safe you have to wait for a close because there are a lot of fake outs (pumps and dumps). You must not have been following Carl’s other videos where he explained this many times.

  12. @The Moon The same request to see the indicators you use (it’s their name). I guess it’s MA, EMA, RSI but it would be good to see it.

  13. @Stefano Predieri Don’t think you or the subscribers can assume anything. Pretty sure he did not say it had to close at all. It just needed to break the 200. That’s all. If that’s what he claims needs to happen, he needs to be way more clear. Maar, if we were sitting at $9500 he’d be saying how fantastic the call was and it worked out exactly as he said. I’m more than convinced of that.

  14. How about you say the price instead of just saying thing like that or see right there? I’m sure you’re making enough off these bybit accounts to include that if you can’t be bothered by some editing.

  15. I want BTC to moon not because I own it (I don’t) but because I do NOT want that McAfee creature eating his junk on TV. Standards can’t get much lower but he’ll get under them

  16. 13:55 You are theMost scarce thingon this planet. That is why we all love you and learn so much from your videos!

  17. @DJ M1NDHACK3R ik verdien met deze koers 0.01 btc per zaterdag dus een paar weekjes btc kopen en niets anders en dan heb ik mijn doel bereikt

  18. CryptoKnight After Halving i will never more invest in BTC. Have already enough but if there Comeback a big dip (under till under 5/6K) yes i will buy a bit extra 😜

  19. Guys yes there are many different Algos and bots trading but Tether is the MAJORITY’s the biggest one so it makes sense that the patterns are the same..

  20. Tuur Oke. Is toch weer elke week €75 extra in de BTC of een deel daarvan. Heb jij je pa al kunnen overtuigen BTC aan te schaffen?

  21. @PINCH What you’re saying would be relevant IF bot programming was random which, it is not. Humans, who refer to technical analysis, program the bots. Bots are simply acting out human intention and understanding of the market. Bots require hard coded variables which are what technical analysis provides thus, all bots will behave similarly given the side of the market they are told to take. The nullification or amplification of a trend is due to confluence or divergence of timing and risk assessment as opposed to organic volume.

  22. Crypto Volta ok yeah I don’t really understand how they work into full detail. I only know that humans input wat the bots will base their trades off of. Thats y we tend to see patterns repeat, due to similar things happening in the charts. But I really don’t know all of it. If you’ve done the research or life’s training, I’ll take your word for it.

  23. Tuur ..Tsjha beter laat dan nooit. Probeer mijn pa al 10 jaar te overtuigen. Toen Bitcoin nog maar een tijdje bestond en op dat moment BTC voor $100 per coin te krijgen was, toen vroeg ik me pa om advies en die zei toen van: Zou er niet aan beginnen jongen, zal wel een scam zijn of zo. Ik ging er toen in mee, Bitcoin was toen nog meer een probeersel onder de nerdsMaar nu jaren later is het algemeen bekend dat er veel meer achterzit zoals de blockchain en het feit dat het al 10 jaar vrij is van hackers, Halving waardoor de vraag en aanbod mooi in balans blijft, max aanbod van 21M totaal, Gedecentraliseerd, beschikbaar voor iedereen, overal, 24/7. Enz

    Ik heb mezelf dus de kans laten ontnemen uit angst en gebrek aan kennis. Dit zal mij niet nog eens gebeuren ✌🏼😎✌🏼

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