Bitcoin SOARS op pad $4,400!! | OTC Volume Through The Roof! | Stock Market Crash!!

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Bitcoin Tegniese Analise & Bitcoin Nuus Vandag: Is the Bitcoin price leaving the Bottom right now? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. ook, the OTC volume is going up! Kyk na die video om meer te leer!

1:22 Bitcoin TA
11:33 Dow Jones Death Cross
13:33 Samsung Crypto Phone
14:41 Waves Token
16:41 OTC Sellers Gone?
18:09 OTC South America

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Bitcoin SOARS op pad $4,400!! | OTC Volume Through The Roof! | Stock Market Crash!!

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  1. honestly, the stock market crashing is the sign of a crypto bull run, it’s coming!!! look at the short Altcoins boom, and people are running away from stocks right now!! this is a good sign that the sec will approve the ETF and bakkt will be launched, to drive BTC to a massive ATH.

    think about it guys, why would they launch ETF and bakkt in a bear market? why SEC keeps delaying etf when they can just reject it straightaway? they know it will have no effect on the price when the market is still bearish and no 1 is buying btc, now with this stock market crash will be perfect time for them to launch!! expect btc to go to at least 50K!!

    i dont think btc will even shoot past 20k in a bear market even with an ETF if sec was to approve it back then. The market has to be bullish first!
    it’s no coincidence that this stock market crash lines up perfectly with the last deadline for ETF, it’s a heavily manipulated market!

  2. After the 4.4K level it is possible to see again a correction as you said. Waiting for that right shoulder from the inverted head and shoulderthe real target is 5.5K IMOand then lower.

  3. I told you guys this is a correction it seems that the fibonacci works last time I said that if you use the fibonaci retracement from 6000 to 889s or somewhere near the last line of support the price will likely supported at 38% which is 3200 or near that price then draw another fibs from where it stop so until 6000 the fibs telling you it might went to 38% 50% to the golden ratio which is 4200-4400 I also said that if 38% of 50% got rejected the price might go to 3000 or lower now it breaks the 38% fibs and now at 50% fibs about to hit the golden ratio if rejected at 4200-4400 it is likely to retrace at 3500 of 3800 because it is overbought it might go sideways or hit 3000 and form a double bottom and remember there is a coming CME futures so be carefull guys dont get squeze but dont get fomo

  4. Carl, all how i look you are an intelligent young man. You know quite alot about bitcoin and stock markets underwhole

  5. Sorry buddy, the first phone with cold wallet is the FINNEY by Sirin Labs. It’s actually a blockchain phone and they have their own tokenSirin labs token” (SRN). Do check it out. I always enjoy your TA

  6. After a long, voilent downturn, a ‘bottomlevel will be hit and then a turnaround. But no one knows how long! This happens in all markets.


  8. +theSmoking Skills but if it passes on at 61% fibs and continue to test up until 6000 the posible new support is 5700-5800 I dont think its posible now I think we’re gonna moon one way or another but we are overbought so correction is more likely be patient guys we are In disbelieve stage if we go down it is most likely the sentiment of the people is too affriad of buying and might believe this as confirmation bias that this is a fake bullrun if we go down a little bit if the fibs are right it might hit 50% but no lower than 38% fibs by that level the stochastic rsi is oversold and gradualy go up like the 2017 bullrun every bullrun start but I dont call this a bullrun yet we just have to wait till you see a build up gradualy going up watch the paterns find inverse h&s and bullflags and watch the fibs

  9. +Nyikos Csaba First 4.4K, then lower to form the right shoulderand if the inverted head and shoulders is complete then we will see that 5.5K

  10. 3k could be bottom cause its an over 80% percent drop from all time high and thats wha it usually does

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